Daily Feline Prompt: Faraway Feline Places


“Had a good sleep Tabby?”

“Of course Mrs. Human,we felines always have a good relaxing sleep, although I was quite busy.”

“How can you be busy when you are sleeping?”

“Oh, yes, I forgot, humans were not gods and did not have such talents as we felines. Actually I was visiting my ancestor, Cleopatra.”

“But you were here all the time and was even snoring.”

“Felines do not snore, I was probably sinking into my transmission sleep of pyramidical science. Cleopatra was doing the same, so we met in a faraway place somewhere between the Nile and Mesopotamia. I was telling her about the hard vitamin pellets we are forced to eat in modern life.”

“Oh, yes I forgot to tell you, that while you were away somewhere between Tigress and Euphrates, Roschti called and ate some of your pellets. He found them quite good.”

“Mrs Human in future you will keep an eye on my food bowl. My pellets are mine and I do not share.”

“But I though you did not llike them.”

“That is not the point, what is mine is mine. As I was saying, Cleopatra was glad that she had been in the eternal corn chambeers for the last few thousand years, she could not imagine a life eating pellets. She always eats the catch of the day washed down with water from the Nile. That is very healthy she says and it prolongs her life.”

“I though she was in the eternal corn chambers for a few thousand years and already dead.”

“Which does not mean that it is all finished with the 10th life. She now has her 20th life and said each life is better. She can now walk through pyraminds and often takes a ride on the Sphinx. By the way she will be paying us a visit on her next transcendential vaporisation. Perhaps you could organise some normal food. I am sure she woudl be pleased to sample some tuna fish, she thinks they swim in rivers and did not know that they also live in tins.”

“When will she  be arriving Tabby?”

“Oh, I think she is already here. Look Mrs. Human, she just walked through one of those walls I watch now and again Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human.

Cleopatra I told you to take your time, I had to prepare Mrs. Human for your entrance. She is not used to seeing felines with eyes that glow in the dark and electric whiskers and has now fained. In the meanwhile there are a few vitamin pellets left you can try.”

“Thanks Tabby, do you have some pasturised Sphinx milk to drink.”

“No, the sphinx decided to stay where he is for the last few thousand years, but I have some water I collected last week which might be to your taste.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Faraway Feline Places

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Faraway Feline Places

    • Cleo has evaporated again and I cannot understand the humans. Mrs. Human is always force feeding me on pellets, but she eats fresh meat – something is wrong somewhere, must think it over.


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