Daily Feline Prompt: Tricky Feline


“Tabby, do you think your could move to another place.”


“Is that an answer or a declarration.”

“You asked a question, and we felines do not waste words, so the answer is no, negative.”

“But you are in the way.”


“How do you expect me to use my computer when you are sitting on my table.”

“You can pick up the computer and walk to another room and use it there. Perhaps the kitchen would be a good idea.”

“But this is my computer room, where I can write peacefully with no interference.”

“There you have the answer to your priimary question Mrs. Human. How do you expect me to watch things out of the window if you are here. Your presence is interfering and I have to have things under control. I read today in a feline magazine it is the essence of being feline. We must have organisation. I have organised myself in this comfortable observaion post and now you want to destroy all my hopes and  organisation by suggesting that I could move to another place. And do not forget, as the great Whiskers George Paws Orwell said “The essence of being feline is that one does not seek perfection, we are pefect”.”

“Somehow I have that different in my memory, like “The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection”.”

“It is a matter of point of view Mrs. Human and mine is the feline point of view, you know, like we were once worshipped…….”

“as gods?”

“Yes, you are slowly learning, so move over I have decided I need more room to spread out my four paws. Your computer is in the way.”

“Sorry Tabby, of course, I will use the kitchen table.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Tricky Feline

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