Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Superstitions

Nera, my boss cat

“Oh, I had never seen hat photo of Nera”

“I took it this morning with my Pawpad. She hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Tabby, she left us almost two years ago for the eternal corn chambers, as you say.”

“Of course she did Mrs. Human, but that does not mean she does not return now and again. It was difficult to focus with the phot, you can see that her outline is slightly frayed at at the edge.”

“But it looks like she was sitting on our table in the living room.”

“That is correct. Photography does not work so well where she is now. Something to do with the atmospherics and Bastet does want any inquisitive humans visiting her kingdom.”

“Yes that’s right Mrs. Human. Bastet does not like humans crossing her path, it would definitely bring bad luck.”

“Who said that.”

“It was Nera Mrs. Human, she is still hovering around. At the moment she is taking a walk across the ceiling.”

“Yes, I am still here Mrs. Human, look up.”

“I cannot see Nera on the ceiling Tabby.”

“That is because you are a mere human and don’t want to see her.”

“Perhaps you are right Tabby, generally departed felines do not visit their previous humans.”

“You would be surprised Mrs. Human, but it is a feline thing. Goodbye Nera, have a safe float up to the corn chambers.”

“She is departing.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human she has just floated up through the celing. She is taking a short cut. Usually she does three circles over our home before taking off.”

“No, Tabby, I don’t think I can believe that, it is just superstition.”

“And the photo?”

“Photoshop of course.”

“Hello Mrs. Human, how’s things?.”

“But that’s Fluffy.”

“Yes, it is open day today, Fluffy is also paying us a visit. Mrs. Human, hello.

I think that too much supersition for one day Fluffy. She has fainted.”

“That’s the problem with those humans, too much superstition.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Superstition

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