Daily Feline Prompt: Misplaced Feline


When I was a kitten
I misplaced my tail
I looked for it everywhere
I didn’t know how

My mum said don’t worry
It will soon be found
But stop running in cirlces
Around and around

Meow I said
Where has my tail gone
I cannot lose a tail
Something is wrong

I saw something moving
I was ready to fight
I opened my mouth
And decided to bite

That was not a good thing
It was a mistake
I had found my tail
And it wasn’t a fake

All my family were laughing
My mum found it fine
I was not very happy
I began to whine

All kittens must learn
And my mum said the word
Do not chase your tail
But only a bird

“How was that Mrs. Human, do you think I will become a seond Edgar Allen Paw?”

“Could be Tabby, there was a certain element of horror in your poem. On the other hand I think it resembled more Whiskers Lewis Carroll.”

“Oh, but then I should have perhaps put some nonsense into the verse.”

“Yes exactly Tabby, that is what I meant.”

Daily Prompt: Misplaced Feline

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