Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Bedtime


At last, away from it all. No humans to disturb my peace and a shady place to relax. there are even some plants around with interesting smells. I think it is what Mrs. Human calls her “Herb Garden”. It seems to be a special place for Mrs. Human because she dislikes it when I decide to make it part of my territoriy, especially if I have to bury the remnants of my marking process. Yes, she can ge really iffy about that. She said it smells, and there are enough places where I could do it. Humans do not understand the intricacies of the feline marking system. If I mark it, then there will be no rival felines that will move in on my territory.

“Roschti, where do you think you are going?”

“Don’t panic, I wouldn’t dream of moving in on your little world. The window is open and I can see a bowl of food inside, so every feline for himself.”

“But that is my food Roschti.”

“Your problem Tabby, you did not mark it as yours, it is free for all, although after further examination, I think I will leave it to you. Does your human always serve those hard vitamin pellets, they don’t look very appetising”

“They are not appetitising Roschti. Let’s do a deal. You will leave my territory to me, and no paw swipes or hiss and in return you can help yourself to a delicious bowl of food that is good for you.”

“You think? I am too tired to chew lumps of hard unknown matter and swallow it. Move over.”

“But Roschti, no digging holes for your recycling process.”

“No problem Tabby, we tom cats do not usually dig holes, we do it like this.”

“Roschti, that was Mrs. Human’s herb bed you were spraying.”

“Do you think she will notice?”

“No, if we keep quiet about it, she will probably find the taste is something special. So let’s have a sleep, but you on that side and me here, OK and no taking liberties in my territory. Roschti, Roschti?”

He is already asleep and I will not join him. After all sleep is one of the most important occupations of a feline. It is often a tiring job, but we do it quite well.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Bedtime

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