Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Suitcase


“You look very studious Tabby.”

“I was thinking about taking a journy. Life is often quite boring here. Just sleeping and eating and pawing my daily blog. There should be more in my feline life. I definitely feel that something is missing. As I look out of the window, I see things moving, smell scents to make my whiskers quiver. I can hear noises to be explored. Yes, I am definitely just felining my life away. There is only one way to cure this depressive atmosphere. Mrs. Human bring me a suitcase. I will take a journey.”

“But how will you carry the suitcase?”

cat print“If you organise a feline suitcase, there should be no problem. I will not take a lot with me.  Of course I will take my favourite paw cloth, the one with the feline decorations, so that I will not feel so lonely.”

“But Tabby, that is my apron, the one I wear when I am cooking.”

“I decided to adopt it. I do not feel so lonely in this world of humans when I take it with me. I can wrap all my gymnastic appliances in it. Ok, I know you call them toys, but felines do not play, we study. I will also take a supply of food.”

“Of course Tabby. Vitamin pellets are so healthy and would be ideal to carry.”

“What are you thinking Mrs. Human, if humans are capable of such a complicated task. I mean real food, the sort I would need to sustain me on my way. Perhaps you could empty a tin of tuna fish into a plastic bag. I can easily tear it open with my claws. I will also need a scratching post.”

“But there will definitely be some trees on the way to scratch Tabby.”

“Basically yes, but you never know whose territory they might belong to, and we felines are very particular about territorial rights. I think I will now take a sleep and think it over.”
“Are you now awake Tabby and ready to go?”

“I thought it over. I think I will stay here for a while. Who needs to go on a journey with an unknown destiny. I might get lost. One of our great philosophers, Confuciuspaws said “Wherever you go, go with all your whiskers” and I have decided to go to my food bowl and afterwards take a recovery nap for a few hours.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Suitcase

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