Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Snap


“Shall I open the window Tabby, so that you can go out.”

“No Mrs. Human, I prefer to watch from inside. There is something going on outside.”

“I cannot see anything going on.”

“Of course not, Mrs. Human, but you cannot receive the air movements as we felines. There is was again, a decisive snap.”

“I didn’t hear anything Tabby.”

“Because human ears are no so receptive as feline ears. Somehow in the development of the human there was a stop on the way, which was where we felines took over. There it was again, but I think I know what it was.”

“You have made me curious Tabby. I cannot hear or see any movements outside.”

“There it is, were those stalks are laying on the ground. I can see it and feel  the vibrations.”

“You mean the weeds that are laying on the ground.”

“Yes, exactly, look there it is, trampling over the stalks and snaping them on its way.”

“But I cannot see anything at this distance.”

“Again a human defect. It is quite clear to all what is happening.”

“But not to me Tabby.”

“Do I really have to explain the buiding of a new ant hill. The queen is already laying the eggs and the worker ants are climbing over the stalks to help to organise the nest.”

“And you can see all that.”

“Almost, as long as it is not too near. You know we felines prefer to watch things at a distance. In any case, it seems that the landscape is now safe. No monsters destroying  the peace.”

“You are very clever Tabby, I must say.”

“Of course I am, as the great feline painter Henri Whikers Matisse said “There are always ants for those who want to see them”.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Snap

19 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Snap

  1. Dear Tabby, Canine eyes are not their most powerful sense; we rely on scent and hearing. That’s one reason we chose to live with humans. They are tall and have good eyesight. We make a powerful team!!!! Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Mrs. Human says if I had my favourite kibble (I mean snack of course, kibble is so kitten) in front of my nose I would not recognise it, beause humans are so fixed on seeing things. We felines can smell it and so we eat it. I think she said something about being short sighted. However if there is something edible moving across the field I can not only smell it but see it, and with my sly movements, if it is moving it will no longer being moving after I pounce. So is the feline way of life/death.
      Stay with the humans Dusty, I am sure they serve their purpose in a dog’s life. Meow Tabby

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      • Dear Tabby, It’s true that my human is an exemplary hunter. We go on a hunt almost every day and she NEVER comes home empty handed. Though I have NEVER seen her actually kill anything, there is always meat in our dishes. What a marvel she is. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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