Daily Feline Prompt: Disaster

Tabby at the vets for jabs 2014

“Mrs. Human, what is that photo doing on my blog?”

“I thought I would help you to paw your blog today. The title is disaster and as you live quite safely, we have no real disasters. I thought I would show what a brave feline you are when you meet the nice ladies at the vets. No hisses or paw scratches, just sitting there calmly waiting for your examination.”

“But that is a disaster Mrs. Human. It all begins when you decide to take me to the vets. I am not asked if I mind, there is no warning, I am just picked up, thrown into a cage and locked in. There is no chance of making the great escape beause it is two against one. Mr. Swiss holding me down and you snapping the cage door shut.”

“You mean if I asked, you would enter the cage voluntarily?”

“Definitely not. I am feline, a god and do what I want. The whole action is an insult to my intelligence. Then of course I am thrown onto the seat of the car and strapped down, again no chance of escape. I am a prisoner.”

“But you can always sit next to Mr. Swiss in the front seat so that you can look out of the window and see the road.”

“Big deal. Everything going at warp speed, I do not see anything, just a green blur. Not to mention that I am sitting on newspaper. Newspaper! How insulting.”

“That it just for your own benefit Tabby, in case you feel a recycling urge.”

“Or course I feel an recycling urge, I am terrified, frightened with this disasterous state of affairs. I arrive at the vets and am kept waiting in my cage surrounded by other unknown creatures in their cages. There might even be dogs there. It is so discriminating. Me a god, a feline, thrown amongst the dogs.”

“But the ladies at the vet are so kind to you. They pat you on the head.”

“You mean before I get a jab, or afterwards. Oh, it makes no difference. And then I have to pose for a photo. You can see the lady with a comb in her hand. I am sure she was searching for something moving in my fur. What an insult, I have never had anything move in my fur. And how would you like someone putting an instrument in your private part? Don’t answer Mrs. Human, I do not want to know.”

“But when we arrive home you can jump out of the cage and return to your normal places.”

“Yes, thank you Mrs. Human, after you decide to unlock the cage. It is a disaster every time, full of indignities to the feline race.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Disaster

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Disaster

  1. My weird dogs don’t seem to mind the vet, but all our felines would definitely side with Tabby. They not only did not LIKE the vet, they were deeply offended that we would subject them to such a humiliating experience. Sometimes, I feel much the same about going to the doctor.

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    • I dare not say what I think about my doctor at the moment. A specialist checking on my back – forget it. I always said once you get into the machinery they do not let you go. I turned up for a head scan yesterday and they said I should have an x-ray of the lungs first. I told them forget it. I know I am not a doctor, but I don’t have havn’t smoked for the last 20 years, have no problems breathing and my doctor sort of forgot to tell me he was throwing that one in for good measure as well. I feel fine at the moment and the good specialist is somewhere probably in the sun on holiday.
      Nera once made a star performance at the vet, jumping from the table and hiding behind a metal case. That was fun. The vet walked out and told the girls to put that cat back where it should be and call him when the job was completed. you only really approached nera with gloves, a mask and a suit of armour, but they managed it.


  2. My Walter Kitty behaves like he’s going to slaughter when I put him in the cat carrier, pressing his face against the bars and yowling in desperation, but once he’s at the vet’s office he’s so sweet and compliant that I think something is definitely wrong. It’s not, thankfully. Goofus!

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    • It’s all an act. Each one of them a drama queen or king. Just a matter of seeking attention. Once they are back home it is all forgotten, but not forgiven. Somewhere they still have a thought of a little revenge, like a scratch when you are not expecting it.

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