Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Breath


“Is there something in the air Tabby?”

“There is always something in the air Mrs. Human, with my super bionic nose I notice everything. At the moment the humans living on the other side of the road are having a b-b-q in the their garden, with chicken and cow meat.”

“It is called beef Tabby.”

“What’s in a name Mrs. Human? If it moves, smells nice, then kill it and eat it. Why don’t we ever do a b-b-q Mrs. Human, it would be fun, or are do you have those strange human illusions about becoming a vegetarian.”

“Tabby, there is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian. Vegetables are just as healthy as meat, they have a lot of vitamins.”

“Ok come on Mrs. Human, everyone knows the meaning of the word vegetarian. One of our family members who had a programme on Paws TV, Andy Whiskers 9 life Rooney, was know to have said the true words that vegetarian is an old human word meaning lousy hunter, and no-one hunts carrots or leek. I have also never seen a human try to shoot a tomato or a cucumber. ”

“We grow our vegetables Tabby, they are a product of nature.”

“So are cows and pigs. So when are we getting the b-b-q?”

“No, Tabby, I don’t want a B-b-q, it is too much stress. I prefer to cook the meat in my oven or fry it in the pan.”

“Typical human. Why bother, I am not fussy if it is uncooked. Many are the mouse I have devoured fresh from the mouse-hole. I can now smell bacon Mrs Human, I am sure the neighbours are wrapping bacon around their juicy piece of meat.”

“Tabby forget it and ignore the smells in the air. I cannot smell anything.”

“Of course you can’t, the human nose is underdevelopped. Just look at my nose on the photo, it is the right size and shape and can absorb anything from miles away.”

“What is the point, when all you do is to sleep in three different cushions all day and only take exercise to the next patch of grass for your recycling process.”

“That is not the point Mrs. Human. Oh the journeys I have undertaken, purely by breathing through my highly developed nasal organ. All humans do is breathe with it, but we absorb and can feel every tremor of nature through our nose. And if you had a b-b-q the fulfilment would be perfect.”

“Tabby no b-b-q and put down your pawpad. You will not order a b-b-q. I thought you did not like fire.”

“I don’t, does a b-b-q have fire?”

“Yes you have to heat  up the coals to cook the meat.”

“OK, forget the b-b-q, I will eat it raw, who needs a b-b-q.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Breath

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Breath

  1. I’m amazed not only by all of my pets’ supersonic noses, but by their selective supersonic hearing. They can’t hear me calling them, not even when they are two feet away and doing nothing much. BUT they can hear the sound of the lid on the biscuit box being rattle from 200 feet away in the middle of a blizzard. Funny about that.

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    • it is uncanny what they hear from far away. Yesterday Mr. Swiss was opening a tin of fish and Tabby appeared from nowhere, waiting patiently. Tabby does turn her head when I call her, but they looks in the oher direction if she notices there is nothing in it for her. Every time I pull out the camera she decides to do something completely different, but no pose for a photo. It is more luck than judgement to get a good photo.


  2. Thank Heavens for electronic, digital cameras. The trick is to take hundreds of shots, knowing that only a small percentage will be good. That’s what the wife has done. Since she elected herself Empress of the house, my little female simply refuses to be picked up and cuddled on anyone’s lap. My gravatar photo could never be reproduced….without bloodshed. 😯 😆

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    • I take many Tabby photos daily to fit the prompt, and usually only one remains, perhaps usable. Tabby is not agressive, just very sly. She is also not a cuddle cat, but is very good at being elusive at the right moment, at least her right moment.


    • Actually Tabby is a good mannered feline. She just likes to show off on her blogs. She loves a tummy tickle and a pat on her head, as well as a stroke under the chin. She can be very demanding sometimes with her wishes.


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