Daily Feline Prompt: Feline fog


“Mrs. Human, bring my water nearer.”

“But it is only a few pawsteps away Tabby.”

“I do not do pawsteps when it is foggy Mrs. Human. I am surrounded by damp air, my whiskers droop and my fur sticks together. It destroys the perfect feline aura I have.”

“But fog will not hurt you Tabby. You can have a good wash afterwards if it disturbs you.”

“I am not going out in the fog. There are all sorts of strange movements in the ground when it is foggy and fog clings to everything. Look Mrs. Human, a monster is approaching.”

“Tabby where are you going, that is not a monster.”

“It is big, walks on two legs like humans and is carrying a big  shape in its hand. I am sure it is the Grim Reaper coming to get us.”

“Definitely not, Tabby. It is Mr. Human who went quickly to the supermarket as there was no tuna fish left, and vitamin pellets for your food. You see, despite the harships of driving through fog he risked going out for your food.”

“And, you think I am going to give him a medal. That is his job to care for me and my needs. Did he bring me one of those mice stuffed with catnip for my gymnastic training.?”

“No, I did not put that on the list, I was only thinking of your food Tabby.”

“That was a mistake Mrs. Human, what about my gymnastic exercise? Tell him to make another journey to the supermarket for some feline entertainment. I would also like one of those balls to push around with my nose. If I am now imprisoned by the fog I need something as a pasttime. Oh, and perhaps one of those bird films especially for felines. I am in the mood for a TV evening.”

“No, Tabby. I am not sending him out in the fog again today.”

“I don’t see the problem, it is only fog.”

“Then why do you not want to go out.”

“I am feline Mrs. Human and felines that were once worshipped as gods do not take walks in the fog.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Fog

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline fog

  1. Dear Tabby, I am sorry to say this, but you would not make it long as a canine. As canines we are always up for an adventure. Fog is an adventure, full of surprises and the damp air feels good on our sinus passages as well as magnifying the power of all the wonderful scents to be discovered in the world each time we venture out. My sisters and I love to read the news on foggy days because there are so many more stories. Recently I read the story of a fox in the distance. I found that a very exciting story and so did my little sister, Bear. My human read the story with her eyes and I felt sorry for her because she couldn’t get all the details because of the inferior olfactory equipment assigned to humans. I think you need to be a little more adventuresome and maybe a little grateful to your humans, though I know “grateful” does not exist in Meow. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      And anyhow, who wants to be a canine. They are different to felines, smell different, make strange loud noises and eat anything. Not exactly the gourmets of animal life are they. On the other hand, we felines have learned to accept the canines, although with a carefully planned escape route. We pass our stories on to the other felines in our secret language that no-one understands except for felines. I sleep 23 hours a day, and so miss most of the fog. Now and again I search for a different place to sleep, but not in a foggy place. I prefer seeing things happening far away (don’t tell anyone, but I am short sighted).
      See you around – tabby

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  2. I love the strange way sound bounces around in fog. Things that are near sound far … and often, things that are right up next to you, sound far away. Especially if you are in a boat on the water, something I’m sure would never apply to any right-thinking feline!

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    • I somehow think that Tabby does not do romance, but prefers to remain with all four paws on the ground ready to pounce at a moving object. Our fog is damp, and tabby prefers dry.


  3. I prefer to have a TV evening, Must tell Mrs. Human to get the DVD of Jungle Book, hope they have a meow version, or perhaps with meow subtitles. I am not scared of anything, just prefer to remain indoors if it foggy outside.


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