Daily Felline Prompt: Locked by a Feline


“Tabby what are you doing with my keys?”

“I am not doing anything with your keys. You put them there and took a photo with your iPhone thing and left them there. I was just about to play with them. They are alive. Look I pounced on them and killed them. Do you have any more Mrs. Human, they are a good training apparatus.”

“Oh, I forgot them. I needed a photo for todays feline prompt. It is about locked.”

“Locked? One of those words that does not exist in meow, because we do not believe in locked. We are free to go where we want to.”

“Of course Tabby, you have your cat flap to go in and out.”

“Except when it is dark outside. In the evening you lock it and I can no longer go out.”

“Not before midnight Tabby and it is for your own good. There are all sorts of strange felines outside during the night.”

“Of course, because their humans do not lock everything at night when life really gets interesting. That is why I do not get the best fattest mice, because the felines that are not locked in at night, catch them all.”

“You do not need mice Tabby, you have ….”

“Hard Vitamin pellets? Forget it, I want a mouse. Can you get them at the supermarket?”

“No Tabby, they do not stock mice. The only place you can get a mouse is at the pet food shop, they have some in a cage to sell.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human, bring me one or two instead of those disgusting pellets. They are packed with vitamines.”

“No, Tabby, that is not the idea.”


“Typical Human, I will report you to the feline civil right movement for abolishment of vitamine pellets. They are collecting paw prints and have got quite a few. It will not be long and they will disappear from the shelves of the pet food shops and all humans that try to buy them will be punished with a fine of tuna fish tins, to be donated to the felines that own them.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Locked by a Feline

11 thoughts on “Daily Felline Prompt: Locked by a Feline

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    • No big problem here, more a danger from other felines defending their territory. There is the odd fox now and again, but they do not often come to our area, The felines avoid the main road luckily and it is on one side, and does not run through the area. We have a small road running through the estate, but the speed is drastically limited.


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