Daily Feline Prompt: Feline disappointment


“Meow, let me in.”

“Tabby, what is all the fuss about?”

“That is not fuss. I am expressing my disappointment that you are not waiting at the window, ready to open it when I want to enter.”

“But Tabby, we have discussed this all before  You have a cat flap and can enter when you want to, you do not have to wait for me.”

“Of course I wait for you, It is exhausting climbing through the cat flap from outside. I have to align my magnet in the right position to trigger the switch on the flap.Or perhaps we could forget the magnet. Roschti, the feline next door, also has a cat flap, but he does not need a magnet. He can go in and out as he pleases without complicated manipulations.”

“I am sure he can Tabby, but Roschti goes through every cat flap he finds and I am sure you would not want him sniffing around your vitamin pellets in your dish.”

“No problem, Mrs. Human, you can give him the big bag full of vitamin pellets. He will not be disappointed and neither will I.  Vitamin pellets are not exactly the fulfilment of every feline’s menu.  So, do not change the subject Mrs. Human, open the window, before I get angry and make dirty paw marks on the window. I know you prefer clean windows.

About time to.”

“Tabby I only opened the window because I happened to be there and do not want to clean away your pawprints. I am not sitting in front of the window waiting for you to arrive.”

“Mrs. Human this is metal cruelty. I will have to report you to the Society for protection of stressed felines.”

“Go ahead Tabby, but I am still not waiting for you to enter each time you are outside. I am not your servant.”

“I know you are not my servant, that would be too high on the scale. Just remain my slave, in the meanwhile, that does the job nicely. I am now remaining here until after I have eaten my dish of tuna fish which will be tonight’s dinner. Afterwards I will leavet again, so remember to be ready, although leaving my home is easier than entering. Just be in the right position at the right time for my return.”

Daily Prompt: Feline Disappointment

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline disappointment

  1. Dear Tabby, Hmmm. I know disappointment. I felt it a couple of times in recent weeks. First, our human took my little sister on a walk in an exotic locale and did NOT take me. She said, “Yadda yahda bla bla bla, Dusty. Yadda yadda, dammit, Dusty. Bla bla bla.” Bear explained that my aggressive barking makes it hard for my human and that I should stop, but it’s my job to see that no harm comes to her. Then, I was disappointed lately when our human took Mindy and Bear on a walk and not me. I made it clear to Mindy later that evening that it is NOT acceptable for her to usurp my place. Disappointment seems to be part of a canine’s life. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I understand completely. We are to be respected and our wishes to be read from our whiskers, or perhaps barks. Perhaps you should enquire if there is a society for the protection of being an ignored dog and report it. Perhaps you could lock the two usurpers for your pole position in a room and if your human really wants to take a walk, she will only find you. It is the purpose of a dog’s life to bark according to my experience. To be a real genuine feline you have to hiss and meow, and a canine must also make himself known by sound emissions, aöthough I am not a fan of barking dogs, but I can always run for the cat flap and hope that my ignorent lazy human is waiting for me to open it. Yes, we are often victims of human ignorance and lack of feline/canine understanding.
      With all my sympathy for the nengligence you are suffering, Tabby – and don’t forget to bark, LOUD

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