Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Solitude


“Mrs. Human, go away. Just leave me. Is it perhaps possible just a few minutes/hours in my home to have some quiet moments?”

“Of course Tabby, but I did not know you were sleeping. I really did not want to disturb you.”

“I was not sleeping, just getting away from it all, a few quiet moments to myself without having a camera phone stuck in front of me and some human saying “smile” for a photo. “Smile” does not exist in meow, but solitude does. Unfortunately no-one knows the real meaning of the word here.”

“Of couse I do Tabby, it means you want to be alone, but that is not good for you. You should mix with more felines, share some of your experiences, and take a walk with them. You lead such a lonely life.”

“Sorry, do I hear right? Mrs. Human the great philsopher that has zero knowledge about feline intelligence. We felines were not made to socialise, we only socialise when wanting to prolong the race and that problem was dealt with when I was a sweet innocent kitten. Don’t worry about it Mrs. Human, I do not feel the longing for 5 or 6 meowing hungry kittens all fighting for a place at the milk tap. I would probably not even recognise them afer they leave to do their own thing. However, as the great pilosopher Aristotle Cat said *Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god” and as I would not apply the adjective wild to my gentle ways, I am of course a god that finds it delights in being alone for my meditation, especially away from the humans.

And please leave the door open just a little to allow my streamlined body to pass through. It might be that I require food when I have finished with my moments of withdrawal from the world. You can put a notice on the door “Feline meditating, do not disturb”.”

“Of course Tabby, your wish is my command. Would you like to put a paw mark on the notice to make it official.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. I must say you are learning the laws of a feline slave.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Solitude

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Solitude

  1. Dear Tabby, Another difference between canines and felines. We canines like to be with our pack members. We don’t interact all the time by any means. I suppose we have our own kind of solitude in their company. My little sister Bear absolutely hates being alone — but she has never been alone so I don’t think she understands that it’s all right, that sooner or later I, Mindy or our human will come to her. Right now she’s looking for a rawhide chew she pushed under the sofa this morning. I imagine that our human will help her out and say something stupid like, “Opposable thumb to the rescue.” Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty.
      Pack? is that when you walk around together and have a chief and do what he wants? Strange customs in the canine world. We felines also get together, but usually for a paw fight, and some hissing. Someone might get hurt, perhaps lose part of the fur and even a piece of ear – it is all in the game. Now and again we have discussions, but they are carried out at a distance by telepathy. It is all in the whiskers. We have organised our human to open tins as part of our human training programme.
      Sleep well – Tabby the loner

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