Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Curve

Tabby on her ladder

When Mrs. Human constructed this strange object I thought it was a joke, but my feline curiosity got the best of me, I suppose it was there for a purpose. First of all I studied it for a few days, judging the distances and still thinking about it. Mrs. Human kept taking pieces of my food and putting it on those surfaces making lots of curves. I was supposed to feel tempted to use this apparatus. Humans have funny ideas sometimes. If she had covered the steps with tuna fish or even springs of catmint,  I might have been fooled, but hard vitamin pellets, forget it. I would not even walk to my food bowl for them.

She thought it was a brilliant idea, at last a ladder especially for Tabby to climb to the top of the cupboard where she has her lookout post. Tabby was not interested, there was no adventure or fun in climbing steps. I preferred to stand on the desk and take a leap to the next level. This was where Mrs. Human and I disagreed. She would get all worried thinking that I might have an accident and fall. Of course I might fall, but unlike humans, we know how to fall and usually land on all four paws. Sometimes accidents might happen, but more the exception as the rule.

It was not so much the ascent but the descent that got her worried. I would take a dainty leap to the desk and she would come running to make sure I had landed safely. When she arrived I was already on my way to the food bowl. I always land on my four paws and make an accompanying thump to show I have arrived.

So no curves, keep to the straight paths. By the way the photo only happened because Mrs. Human put me there. It was just a coincidence. I do not do these things just to keep humans happy with their cameras.

Tabby the Invincible.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Curve

16 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Curve

    • It was quite easy to assemble. They have two sizes. One for normal cats and one for older cats. I took the one for older cats as the steps are wider. Unfortunately my cats (I then had three) found it was far too easy, and preferred the more difficult way with jumps – typical cat.


  1. Dear Tabby, I wouldn’t go up anything like that, either. Our human got my sister, Mindy, steps to climb to get in the back of the car. Forget that. No way was Mindy going to haul her curvy self up those narrow steps, not when our human could (struggle and endure great pain) to lift her up there. So now the steps are in the garage and Mindy is still lifted into the car. We animals have to draw the line on these human whims. Yours forever and ever and ever, Dusty T. Dog.

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    • Meow Dusty.
      I understand your anti step feelings, but as a feline, I also object to being lifted. I have to undergo the insult of being put in a cage if I have to go places, which means the vet. No-one lifts me without my permission, they are too scared in any case and I do not give permissions, it is not my thing. I do what I want to, unless pounced on by a devious human trick to put me places I do not want to go.

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    • Yes indeed, although I am stil thinking about the adorable part. This morning Tabby decided to join me on the bed. She was adorable then. If she has to go to the vet for a visit, she is not so adorable.


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  3. Years ago, when I had my house I also had five cats (no liter, they all loved to go out in the yard). They would jump to the deck railing, then up onto the low roof of my mudroom. From there – off they would go to the top of the ranch house roof. We frequently had walker stop and point to the cats. I wish I had taken photo’s quite a site. Depsite an attic those running little feet above managed to make a bit of a racket. – Luv your kitty stairway.


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