Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Stairs

In memory of Whisky

Whisky in the kitchen

“Wait a minute Mrs. Human, who is that?”

“That is Whisky the first feline that owned me.”

“You mean I was not the first.”

“No Tabby, but this was many years ago. He is now probably enjoying his 100th life in the kingdom of Bastet.”

“But I though this was all about stairs.”

“It is, but we had that discussion yesterday and really do not want to repeat it.”

“But he is leaning on the back of a chair, not on the stairs.”

“I am coming to that part. The photo was taken in our kitchen in London.”

“Looks very colourful.”

“I know, my parents liked a splash of colour. Whisky, the name of the feline, loved to lean on the chair and often slept there as well. And now to the stairs. We had stairs in our home and I was then still a kitten human. I would play with Whisky.”


“Yes Tabby, like kittens do. I would throw a paper ball down the stairs and Whisky would run after it. Pick it up in his mouth and walk up the stairs with it. I would repeat the exercise often, but Whisky was undaunted. His steps would be slower eventually, but he did it.”

“What a stupid feline.”

“He was not stupid, he appreciated the care and food he got, not like other felines I know.”

“Was he also forced to eat vitamin pellets?”

“No Tabby, they did not exist at that time, he had fresh meat from a tin.”

“Like tuna fish?”

“Somthing like that.”

Whisky on the window sill

“There he is again Mrs. Human.”

“Yes, another favourite place. He would sit on our window sill on the first floor. It was his observance station.”

“What was he observing.”

“Mainly the pigeons on the roof next door, it was then he almost made a fatal failure.”

“You mean he saw a pigeon, decided it would be a great idea for lunch and pounced.”

“Very clever Tabby.”

“No really, he was a feline. And what happend.”

“The pigeon survived but we were not sure about Whisky. I ran down the stairs to the garden and Whisky was licking himself and afterwards walked away.”

“He was a pioneer Mrs. Human, one of the best. He deserves a medal. He knew how to do it – my hero. You see Mrs. Human, who needs stairs when you have four paws, one at each corner of the body.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Stairs

14 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Stairs

    • It was a miracle than Whisky survived in one piece. It did not stop him sitting there, but mum put a window box with flowers on the sill afterwards which seeme to keep him restricted. Otherwise he was a lovely cat. Came from a wood yard along the canal and settled in wonderfully.

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