Daily Feline Prompt: Abandoned Human


“Tabby what are you doing, pawing around on my computer? That is not the idea.”

“Mrs. Human, you really did not think I would let you write “Abandoned feline” as a title to this piece of work in your usual mislead style. May I remind you, this is the story of my feline life and not  one of those cheap paperbacks telling the story about how you found me hungry, thin and shivering in the cold at your street door. I chose to come here because Bastet told me it would be a good deal. Plenty to eat and drink and a few beds to choose from. My recycling tray would be cleaned at least twice a day. He even told my sister Nera to join me. It was quite a good deal, free board and lodging is perfect.”

“But I am not an abandoned human.”

“No, up  to now it has worked out well, Just keep it up, otherwise I might exchange you for something else. You just have to follow the rules.”

“But I have never heard of a feline abandoning her human.”

“Of course not. It is only the good human slaves that are looked after by us felines.”

“You look after me?”

“Mrs. Human of course. I accompany you each time you go to your recycling room and lay at your feet.”

“I know, but I did not invite you and often you are in the way.”

“To continue. Invite does not exist in meow. I also lay on your bed cover when you take your golden oldie sleep at midday. If I had opposable thumbs, I would even help you to open the tuna fish cans. And I mark my territory regularly to ensure that no other felines invade my property. You should really be thankful that I am here Mrs. Human.

“Oh, yes, of course I am Tabby. Now go and eat your nice vitamin pellets like a good feline.”

“As Pablo Paws Casals said “The love of one’s territory is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?” And unfortunately that is where your love seems to stop, at the border constructed by the vitamin pellets. I have decided to abandon vitamin pellets, and so will you Mrs. Human.”

“But they are healthy. Are you threatening me Tabby.”

“of course not Mrs. Human, but if you want to continue writing my life story as my official biographer, I would recommend it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Abandoned Humans

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Abandoned Human

  1. Dearest Tabby, You should not upset your human by threatening to abandon her. Humans are deeply upset by that kind of threat and she would never abandon you, so you should reassure her that you are hers and plan to stay with her. Best, A Fan

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t do threats, I am an action feline. On the other hand I do need her to empty my recycling tray and a few other things. If it wasn’t for the vitamin pellets I would be perfectly satisfied.


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