Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Stroll


“Tabby the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is a lovely warm day and you are still laying on a chair indoors. You should really get some fresh air on your fur and take a stroll.”

“Mrs. Human, do you have one of your days where you are possessed by illusions or are you just in a talkative mood. I am very comfortable on my chair, it even rocks back and forth, and I have no intention of venturing into the unknown. I am safe here. I might meet one of the other felines if I take stroll.”

“But that would be wonderful Tabby. You could go for a walk paw in paw and have lively conversations about nature and all the things you discover.”

“Mrs. Human do you not have anything better to do like take a golden oldie sleep or a few photos?”

“No Tabby, I just wanted to see if you were OK, sleeping so much.”

“I am in perfect health Mrs. Human. I need no strolls or fresh air, I am resting. As our great feline poet Bob Frosty Whiskers said “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go when in my sleep”.”

“Are you sure they were the exact words?”

“They are my exact words. I have everything I need, a comfortable cushion and peace and quiet until you appeared with your strange suggustions. I do not want to go for a walk paw in paw with anything that resembles another feline, we felines do not like each other, it is a question of being patient with each other, and patience is not one of our best qualities characteristics. I am not in the mood for a paw fight, I just want to be alone with I, me and myself and perhaps a bowl of tuna fish. I have enough fresh air here and when you leave, it will be even fresher as I will have no unnecessary interruptions. Yes, that is the idea Mrs. Human, why don’t you take a stroll for an hour or two or three, and leave me to relax.”

“Tabby, I have the feeling that you want to be rid of me.”

“Oh no, Mrs. Human, just report back now and again to check if I am still sleeping and whether you have to prepare some sort of edible delicacy for me.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Stroll

13 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Stroll

    • Yes there are always exceptions to the feline rule. Although I must say I got on OK with my litter sister Nera. She was the great organiser and I just followed. She was a few minutes older than me of course.

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  1. Hi, Tabby,
    You are wrong , I isist on a walk everyday. Nothing like watching the birds, finding rodent amy human nearby to chase off those who are offenced. I let him know when other cats are around. Small dogs I meet and great and go back to hunting.

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      • Likewise I am elderly man a d take it slow so I treasue all the smells that are there. After ouur walk my human lies down and I sleep between his legs until we wake up. Than we go out on the patio watch the action from there. It better than sleeping. I sleep in the evening on .y Mom’s legs.


  2. Dear Tabby, I hope my human takes us out for a stroll today. She told my little sister that snow is in the forecast. I know that makes both of them happy, but I’m over snow and I wish they’d quit doing their snow dances. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I am completely with you on the subject of snow. It is cold, I get wet and frozen paws. The only positive thing about it is that I can leave my paw imprints to mark my territory. Now it is outside sleep time at night although Mrs. Human thinks it might be dangerous. Danger does not exist in meow, just adventure and fun.
      Beware of snow storms, let the others dance, we are far too intelligent – at least I am – Tabby

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    • I am sure she would, I quite like them myself, but there might be a problem with the fishbones and I don’t want her choking on one. We get them in oil in tins here, no fresh sardines


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