Daily Feline Prompt: Feline diversity


“Can you see it Mrs. Human?”

“See what Tabby?”

“Do not answer a question with a question, that is not diversity, just plain boring. No, to return to the subject, my studio close-up photo. you can see the McDonalds “M” quite clearly on my forehead. I am one of the special felines chosen for my individuality, diversity and special gifts which the others do not have.”

“You have special gifts?”

“Have you ever seen another feline sleep for 23 hours and search for a sleeping place for the hour that is left during the human day. I even manage to squeeze a bowl of food in as well.”

“No, I must admit Tabby, you are a really good sleeper.”

“And a good eater on the condition that my bowl is filled with various diverse specialities. It tends to get boring with the same old vitamin pellets. At least you could change the flavour. I have been eating chicken flavoured pellets since I took over. Perhaps you could change the taste to quail or partridge, just to introduce some diversity in my menu plan. Mrs. Human I think I like this word “diverse” it puts a complely new aspect onto my writng talents. I could take a diverse walk today and bury my recycling product on the way in the meadow, just for a divers aroma in the ground.”

“That would not be a good idea, our neighbours do not like a diverse selection of smells, especially from the felines here.”

“That is their problem Mrs. Human. I will now take a sleep, have a few diverse dreams to partake of. In my last dream I was Super Feline the destroyer of the Vitamin Pellet monster. I was the hero and all the felines brought me diverse specialities to eat, such as salmon filets garnished with catnip and caviar bites. There was even a sprinkling of tuna fish marinated in juice of chicken.”

“That was really diverse Tabby, but now back to the real world. Tabby, Tabby, she is sleeping with a smile on her face and the McDonalds “M” is shining on her forehead – must be eating a bird burger in her dreams.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Diversity

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