Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Survival


“Going out Tabby?”

“Yes Mrs. Human, although I will not go far, it is raining and you know how I dislike water that comes from above.”

“Be careful Tabby.”

“Be careful? I have never been careful, what could possibly go wrong?”

“All sorts of things could happen. You might stumble, be pounced on by a crow or climb onto a tree and not find the way back.”

“I am feline Mrs. Human, you know the gods with 9 earthly lives. I overcome all problems. Have you ever seen a feline fall and not land on its paws? No, of course no, we are the survivors. I have never seen a crow at close range Mrs. Human, they are more into nuts and acorns. If I climbed a tree here, I am sure you would rescue me if I could not return, although I have no intention of spending one of my nine lives  on a tree.”

“How do you know how many lives you have left Tabby?”

“It is all a question of quantum physics and luck. As one of our great feline scientists, Martin Paws Reese said, “Everything, however complicated – hunting mice, stalking birds, and catnip sniffing – is made of atoms and obeys the equations of quantum physics. But even if those equations could be solved, they wouldn’t offer the enlightenment that felines seek. Each feline has its own autonomous concepts and laws and will eventually progress to its 10th life”.”

“Oh, I see, that is very intellectual and if I may say a little complicated for my simple human brain.”

“Do not overstrain your simple human brain , just continue to empty my recycling tray and serve my dinner regularly, The rest takes care of itself. I am now going to have a read and afterwards a refreshing sleep.”

“What is that book Tabby?”

“Oh just one of those normal feline lectures by Sigmund cat Freud “The Survival of the feline ego and its narcissm.”

“Oh, wouldn’t you prefer “Cat Watching” by Desmond Morris.”

“I don’t think so, that is more for humans and their basic knowledge. We felines prefer something with more bite.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Survival

13 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Survival

    • Dear Tabby, Martha here. I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous cat who owned and didn’t own Mr. Schrodinger. Dusty is out in the backyard right now with Bear until his flea and tick treatment dries. He sends his best regards and hopes you know he’s faithfully yours even though I’m writing. Take care of your human. She is AWFULLY good to you! Your pal, Martha

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