Daily Feline Prompt: Healthy Feline


“Being healthy depends on you Mrs. Human.”

“Of course Tabby, I always supply you with healthy food.”

“Are you referring to the hard vitamin pellets that I have problems chewing so that they can slide down my delicate throat?”

“Tabby do not over exaggerate. When you and your litter sisted Nera decided to take over, I asked the vet what the best would be for your health situation and he recommended those wonderful vitamin pellets. They are ideal for maintaining your health.”

“It was the vet that gave you the stupid idea? Do you realise he is earning money on all those bags of vitamin pellets.”

“But it is important that you eat healthy food, the vet knows best, not to mention that I do not have to check if you have enough food, I just fill up your food bowl now and again.”

“I get it. Vitamin pellets are just a convenice solution. Back in the old country we had so many mice to eat,¬†there was no need for vitamin pellets. We were worshipped as gods and kept the corn chambers free of vermin. The humans were glad to be our slaves as we had things organised.”

“But Tabby that was the olden days. Today everything is sterile, there is no danger of infections from eating bad food.”

“Mrs. Human I have never heard of a feline having problems digesting a mouse. We know which parts are good for us and the parts to leave.”

“Is that why there is always a tail left. I thought that was a souvenir to count how many mice you devour.”

“Forget it, we just carve notches on the scratching pole for each dead mouse.”

“It seems that canned tuna fish is not so healthy.”

“It is not as healthy as a fresh pice of tuna. I read on my iPad that the local supermarket now stocks fresh tuna fish. You only have to remove the bones before you prepare it for my dinner.”

“But it is very expensive Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human, money is no object when it ensures that I lead a healthy life.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Healthy Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Healthy Feline

  1. Tabby, I fret constantly that my cat is either getting too much or too little food, too many or not enough pats. Mrs. Human probably goes through the same sort of worries about you, Oh Precious One.

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    • Quite a simple solution. Make sure there is always a full bowl of something to eat and ask your feline regularly if he/she is hungry and has a special wish list for the week to enable the human to plan ahead.

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