Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Buddy


“Mrs. Human what is that ingrown claw of a feline doing, sitting in my favourite place and even smiling for the photo.”

“But Tabby, that is Roschti, your friend, and he just wanted to look in and say hello.”

“I very much doubt it Mrs. Human. He has that look in the eyes that says “a nice bit of territory here, complete with chair and lookout on the table. I think I will leave a few marks to claim my rightful heritage”.”

“Well I must say Tabby, you could be more friendly towards your Buddy.”

“Hold on, he is not my “buddy” and we felines only speak in foreign tongues if necessary. Roschti is not even my friend.”

“But I have often seen you together engaged in one of your telepathic conversations.”

Roschti“Be glad it is telepathic and not real life Mrs. Human, otherwise your ears would ignite. Roschti has intentions of extending his territory. He tried on the other side of his home, but it did not work. He was chased away by Butch, the feline that lives downtown on our site, and I heard that Butch has now a piece of Roschti fur hanging on his trophy wall. Now Roschti has decided to make a take over bid for my area. Look how he is laying in wait. He is asking for it Hisssss.”

“Tabby come here, be kind to another. I am sure you can settle this little misunderstanding as adult felines.”

Tabby“Forget it Mrs. Human, felines are only adult when the enemy is driven to retreat, like now. Hiss, hiss, hiss,”

“Hiss, hiss, hiss, oww.”

“Did you see him Mrs. Human, I drove him to retreat, he is now licking his wounds and hiding. I won, I have re-conquered my territory. He ran away.”

“I am not so sure Tabby. I though I heard his human calling something like “dinner time, tuna fish” and he ran off.”

“Mrs. Human shhhhh. Not too loud, all my fans and followers will get the impression that I am a coward and not capable of protecting my rights. I won, it is my land, my territory. Now take a photo of the Tabby the conquerer. Oh, and what’s for dinner. Am I also getting tuna fish?


Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Buddy

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