Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Saga


“Tabby you really do not have to poke your tongue out at me. I was only taking a photo.”

“I do not remember that I was asked for permission to take a photo.”

“You were sleeping. I thought you would like to tell me a story, one of the old feline sagas of the days in Egypt when you were worshipped as a god.”

“Foget it, that is one of the feline secrets and mere humans do not have to know everything. Suffice it to be said that we earned our respect as gods. It was not easy organising those pharoahs. One of them got the crazy idea of having his feline buried with him in the pyramid. Bastet stepped in and said no way.”

“But mummified felines were found in the pyraminds.”

“Of course they were. They were the ones that were ready for their 10th life in any case. Bastet knew that when the pyramids were eventually discovered, only the gold and stuff like that would be taken and our felines that had finished with their 9th life would be of interest to some sort of human wanting to make a name for himself.”

“But there were books written about the felines in Egypt and how they were worshipped.”

“Of course, Bastet had a whole troup of felines clawing it out in those stones. The humans called it hieroglyphics, but it was just the writing of felines without opposable thumbs. you just had to make sure the stone was softened and then you could claw away until your whiskers were content.”

“You mean it was not the first writing of humans?”

“Of course not, we felines were way ahead. The first writing humans with opposable thumbs were too busy sitting in monasteries making colourful letters and poisoning themselves with ink. The only problem we felines had was keeping the dust out of our eyes whilst we were carving.”

“But what about the Rosetta stone?”

“The what? Oh yes, that was cuddles the first. She had the idea of using different claws when marking and it all looked very interesting, but no-one could read it except for Cuddles. Cuddles belonged to Ahmose-ankh who liked to read a good book before she went to bed in the evening so Cuddles clawed the Rosetta Stone.”

“But I though no-one could read it.”

“They couldn’t, but who knew that when they found it in the toilet cystern.”


Ahmose-ankh threw it away because she was bored with the story, and everyone thought it was discovered in the desert, but desert is desert. It all served its purpose somehow. So now I wish to retire to my sleeping position again. Do me a favour, don’t tell anyone about Cuddles and the Rosetta Stone, it might destroy a few sagas that the humans like to  believe in.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Saga

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