Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Dream


“No, no, please do not do that meow, meow.”

“Having a dream Tabby?”

“It was terrible Mrs. Human. I dreamt that I had a full food bowl of tuna fish and then…. no, it is too terrible to describe.”

“But I though you like tuna fish Tabby.”

“Of course i like tuna fish, let me get to the horrific part. As I put my nose closer to the dish and took a mouth full I realised that it was not what I expected.”

“What was it tabby? Whisker demons?”

“No much worse. The dish was filled with ….. vitamin pellets.”

“But that is not so horrific, they are healthy.”

“Mrs. Human we have had this discussion more than once. It is now interfering with my dreams. Instead of relaxing and slipping into sleep and finding myself amongst mice, or birds, or even partaking in a supper composed of salmon laced with catnip and tuna fish, all I am getting now is viatamin pellets. They even have eyes and walk on legs. They follow me wherever I go.”

“But it is only a dream Tabby.”

“Only a dream? I dream 23 hours a day, that is more than half of my life. How would you like to dream about bowls of porridge.”

“I don’t like porridge.”

“And I do not like vitamin pellets, it is the feline meowmare to end all meowmares.”

“Perhaps you should not eat before sleeping Tabby and only eat when you are awake. Eating before sleeping is never very healthy.”

“That is not logical Mrs. Human. As a member of the feline family I eat before sleeping to ensure that my bowl is empty and no other feline will eat any remainders.”

“But you are the only feline here.”

“And what about the whisker demons? They are the real meowmares of course.”

“Have you ever seen a whisker demon Tabby?

“Of course not, they do not show themselves, they are there. and we all know what happens if they are there.”

“I don’t Tabby, tell me about it.”

“Mrs. Human there are things between paws and whiskers that you should really not know. And now leave me to a dreamless sleep. You may fill my bowl whilst I am sleeping, but not with the dreaded vitamin pallets.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Dream

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