Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Phase


“Do not disturb, Mrs. Human, I am spending a few private moments with myself.”

“Yes, Tabby, I can see you are having a washing session.”

“Having a washing session? As if this were just a phase, to be dealt with and forgotten. This is a deep interllectual process, and it is not just a wash. Do not compre the strange human habits of washing. We do not infect our fur with something called soap or shampoo, for that Bastet supplied us with a nice sharp tongue.”

“But why do you bite now and again into the fur?”

“There are things that move in the fur Mrs. Human, and we kill them with our teeth and digest them: quite tasty. Being a human you can imagine that a fly lands on your arm. What do you do?”

“I try to kill it of course.”

“And when it is dead?”

“It is thrown in to the garbage can.”

“Exactly, we felines discovered the benefits of recycling processes years ago in the old country, in our training sessions as god. Nothing was wasted. Everything was recycled. What did they find in the pyraminds?”


“Yes Mrs. Human, but they were tidy pyraminds. Everything was nicely packed away, in bandages, and nicely painted wooden boxes. Even our ancestory were not just thrown in the pyramid, we were given nice clean tidy places. It was organised.”

“So what do you want to say with that?”

“We do not leave dead flies or even dead mice or birds. We recycle them, digest them, leave our food reservoirs clean and well kept.”

“Tabby I find this conversation is not going in an appetising direction.”

“Typical Human. Your remains just arrive in the garbage. We learned to leave no traces long ago. One of the reasons for our frequest washing sessions. In the book of Bastet, verse 21 it says “remove all traces of dead matter or food. Remember the enemy has a nose and will find you by sniff.”

“Find you by sniff?”

“Are you humans so stupid. Imagine I eat a bowl of tuna fish and do not have a lick before sleeping. I would be an advertisement for a feline meal for any animal that is hungry, especially the whisker demons.”

“Oh, I see. I have never seen a whisker demon Tabby.”

“You do not see them, you feel them. And forget taking a photo, they are invisible to photo cells. They do not even have a reflection in a mirror.”

“You mean like vampires.”

“Sort of, but they do not drink blood, they absorb it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Phase

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