Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Grains


“Tabby, what are you doing sitting on my desk in front of the open window. Why don’t you go outside in the garden and enjoy the fresh air?”

“Another typical stupid human idea. Have you seen what is in the garden. Do you have a grain of intelligence, sending me out to the garden. Have you seen what is waiting, calculating my every move and watching?”

“A whisker demon?”

Roschti“Not exactly, but almost. He is thinking about how to take over my territory. Walking on my paths as if they were his. Look at the way he is staring at me, daring me to put one step in my own garden. Mrs. Human make him go away.”

“But Tabby, it is Roschti, your friend. Perhaps he just wants you to come and play with him, or go for a walk together. He looks so sweet sitting there.”

“Yes doesn’t he Mrs. Human, as if tuna fish would melt in his mouth. Forget it, look he is approaching and just watch what he is doing.”

Roschti“It looks to me that he is now relaxing and studying what to do next.”

“He is not studying but planning. I can see his whiskers moving in devious directions. He is determined to take over. He is lying on my stones.”

“Tabby are you telling me you are frightened of Roschti. He is a feline just like you are.”

“He is not just like me. He does not have the MacDonalds “M” on his forehead and he smells different. He does not have a grain of respect for my ancestry.”

Tabby“But  I thought you were all gods at some time.”

“Some of us were more gods than the others, and he is from the lower group. One of those that were glad to eat our leftovers. He even eats hard vitamin pellets and thinks it is wonderful and healthy.”

“He is a very intelligent feline in that case Tabby.”


Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Grains

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Grains

  1. My big boofy cat is terrified by a tiny cat that sometimes strolls into our court. Minx hits the cat flap at full speed, then skids down the hall to get to the bedroom window so she can watch the interloper in safety.

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    • Tabby says size is nothing to do with it. Either you have it or you don’t and your feline probably does not, but neither does Tabby. Size is not the problem, it seems to be the telepathic waves they send out.

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    • Problem being that Tabby does not qualify paranoia with a problem, more an attribute and way of life. Tabby has something against all other felines, she regards them as a conspiracy wanting to move in on herterritory. Actually she is just a coward, but don’t tell her I said that.


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