Daily Feline Prompt: Countless Feline


“I told Mrs. Human countless times that she should only take photos of me when I am ready, but no, she has the idea that she will be feline photographer of the year.”

“Tabby is that why you always look in the other direction when I am ready to shoot.”

“You want to shoot me?”

“No, of course not Tabby, it is just a way that we professional photographers talk. We do not take photos, we have a shooting.”

“The do your shooting somewhere else. Go and shoot Roschti, the feline that owns our neighbour. That would be one less nuisance in my territory.”

“But I prefer to take shots of you tabby, you are so photogenic.”

“You think so, well that is something else. Just a moment.”

“Where are you going Tabby.”

“Just a quick comb through my whiskers, the second on the left is not pointing in the right direction.Smooth my tail fur Mrs. Human, it is not lying flat. Do you think my paws are poised in a correct position.”

“Purrfect Tabby, and now smile.”

“Smile? No, that does not exist in meow. I would prefer a serious studio portrait. Perhaps I should sharpen my teeth on a tree trunk. And now I am ready, but use the zoom lens, the one that shows all the perfect deails of my fur.”

“How was that Tabby, the purrfect photo.”

“I had to close my wonderful eyes  because you used the flash. How many times have I told you that we felines do not like the flash. We have to close our eyes. Humans never learn.”

“Ok, one more time. And now Tabby, look you can see the photo on the camera.”

“It’s OK, but where is my MacDonalds “M”. I have told you countless times that no tabby feline has their photo taken without showing the MacDonalds “M”. It is our trademark, the sign of perfection. How would you like it if I took a photo of you when you wake up in the morning.”

“Definitely not Tabby, I am not at my best so early in the morning.”

“And I am not at my best if you cannot see the Macdonalds “M” on my forehead. Take another one, but this time with the “M”. I will never get on the front page of “Feline Pinups” if you do not apply the “M” rule when you shoot me.”

“I thought we did not talk about shooting.”

“If you want to take a perfect photo of me, you must apply the perfect words.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Countless Feline

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Countless Feline

  1. Tabby is a star. Like most Hollywood stars, she insists on proper lighting and that you shoot from her “good side.” Is that too much to ask? I’m sure it’s in her contract somewhere, that she is only to be shot from her designated “good” side. Stars require sensitive handling, you know 🙂 Once they become famous, they own you.

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