Daily Feline Prompt: The Epitome of a feline

Tabby 27.05.2016

“Yes Tabby, you are the epitome of a feline.”

“The what”

“Epitome, I am sure it does not exist in meow.”

“Of course it does. it is classified as one of our most important words. The feline is an epitome, there is no looking right or left, we are all perfect. I never meow in wrong tones, I always wash myself after eating and before sleeping. I sleep at least 23 hours a day and spend an hour looking for a new place to sleep. I always have one ear open when sleeping. I always turn two full circles before settling down to sleeping position No. 1. I mark my territory regularly. I dislike vitamine food pellets. I am particular about the water I drink and I regularly make an analysis on its content. It should not be too cold, or warm. and sometimes interesting things might float in it. The best water that the water that collects in the watering can after it has been standing for a week, but for some unknown reason you get all sort of excited and tell me not to touch it and throw it away.”

“Tabby there were too many “I’s” in that speech. Yes Tabby, but the water smells and does not have such a nice colour.”

“That is where our tastes differ Mrs. Human. Water is like wine, the best is the matured water. To summarise, my epitomic values as a feline are just purrfect, but I am purrfect. I never do anything wrong.”

“That is a matter of opinion Tabby.”

“Whose opinion Mrs. Human? Human opinons are secondary and are to be disregarded under all circumstances. If you had whiskers and four paws, I might consider listening as an exception. Humans are to be tolerated as they have opposable thumbs and are a means of opening a tuna fish tin. They also have their use for cleaning a recycling tray. There is just one distinct difference in our epitomic qualities Mrs. Human.”

“And that is?”

“We give the orders and humans obey.”

Daily Prompt: The Epitome of a Feline

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Epitome of a feline

    • I have never seen a female feline with kittens that all look alike, unless they are programmed to have kittens to keep the race pure. Generally there are 2-4 fathers involved – so go figure. They know what they want.


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