Daily Feline Prompt: Orderly Feline

Tabby 28.05 (1)

“Mrs. Human, could you take a look at my food bowl. It seems that some of my wonderful tasty hard vitamin pellets have fallen out of the bowl.”

“No problem Tabby, I will have a look later.”

“Later does not exist in meow Mrs. Human. They are laying on the floor and it makes the general impression of my food corner untidy. We must have order in our lives you know.”

“I did not know you were so fussy Tabby.”

“That has nothing to do with being fussy. We felines are clean and everything has its place. You could also refresh my water. I noticed there is some residue in the water bowl, You can clean it and give it a polish. I like to see my reflection when drinking water.”

“Yes Tabby, later.”

“Mrs. Human later does not exist in meow, as I already said. What is so important that I have to wait for my usual punctual attendance.”

“Tabby, I am cleaning your recycling tray. Afterwards I will immediately attend to your request for tidying the pellets and of course refresh your water. Anything else Tabby?”

“You may report back in an hour, I am now taking a refreshing sleep to recover from the hard work I had to finish today.”

“I didn’t notice Tabby, probably too busy attending to your other needs.”

“I had to sharpen my claws and that can be very exhausting, do not forget I have four paws and each claw on each paw must have individual attention to keep them clean. I am now worn out. Before you go, perhaps you could fill a second bowl with some tuna fish, but be careful that you do not spill any.”


“Yes Tabby, of course Tabby.”

“Just a moment, Mrs. Human, where are you going?”

“Tabby, I am now so worn with all your various tasks, have to take a rest.”

“OK, let’s say an hour. In the meanwhile I will paw a list in case that anything else comes to my mind. Order must be, Mrs. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Orderly Feline

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Orderly Feline

    • Thanks for looking in, always interesting to meet another cat lover. Lipstick? no not really, although I might have one somewhere. Makeup is also a no go with me, am too lazy, Will follow all the same as you have other interesting articles.


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