Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Blank


“Tabby what are you doing?”

“None of your business, why?”

“It is always my business when you are sniffing in dark places, and I cannot get a good shot with the camera.”

“That is not my problem. I think I will move. There is not very much happening in this part of the garden. There are often strange creatures moving after the rain, but it seems they have all decided to go underground and I do not intend making my paws muddy. Go and write something at your desk Mrs. Human, you might have a surprise.”

“But my desk looks into the other garden.”

“Just do as I say, humans can be very irritating sometimes. Now move, before I change my mind.”


“Yes Tabby, that is the perfect photo. How nice of you to co-operate.”

“Forget it, I am not co-operating. It came to my mind that there are stones in this garden where rain water collects, the essence of the perfect water consistency. Just one sip reminds me of tiny mice, birds nests etc. etc.

What are felines made of
whiskers and paws
with very sharp claws
Rolling on floors
scratching at doors
That’s what felines are made of

What are humans made of?
opposable thumbs
to serve tuna crumbs
When the time comes
to tickle my tum
That’s what humans are made of.

Of course I based this feline poem on the words of the ancients. It was one of the first verses my mum taught me.”

“Sounds like something I also learnt at school Tabby, but with slightly more human friendly words.”

“But we were there first, the human version was just a cheap copy.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Blank

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Blank

  1. However many cats are available, mine are offended by rain, or even wet grass. It’s an affront to their plans, their feet, their fur. However they do like the ‘deep mountain pool” left by rain in the driveway, where there’s a lovely dirt hollow that collects rainwater flavored with tire. After a rain and a few passes by tires they all gather around and drink and drink…this, from the finicky creatures who scream if there’s a leaf or floaty thing in their inside dish…

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    • If they only realised how much they all have in common. I noticed that my feline dislikes water that drops down from above, but quite likes water that seems to originate on the ground in puddles. An international feline treaty probably.

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      • i strongly suspect they are living some kind of domestic cat fantasy about jungles and being tigers and such, and by stalking creatures in the tall grass and swurping down muddy tire water they are sort of living that fantasy in some strange way. They have the genetics of all jungle cats, after all, in all but size.

        It may also taste better to them. =)


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