Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Circus


“No Mrs. Human, I do not want to watch a nice circus programme on the TV. I would prefer one of those David Attenborough programmes, at least the lions are real and do not do tricks.”

“But I thought you would like to see how the lions do what they are told by the trainer. You could learn a few things from that.”

“Definitely and probably you expect me to sit up on my hind legs and beg for food. The lions do not do what they are told, they are just humouring the trainer knowing that afterwards they do not have to hunt down their food because it will be served in nice big fresh meaty pieces. Something I do not get. Try feeding a lion giant dried vitamin pellets, they would then prefer to eat the trainer.”

“I heard there is a circus in Russia with felines as the artists. Perhaps I could train you to do a few tricks. I am sure all your feline friends would be jealous.”

“My feline friends, as you call them, would laugh their whiskers off, if it would be biologically possible for a feline to laugh.”

“But you are very clever when you chase one of those little balls for felines, and you can climb very well Tabby. They are some good tricks.”

“That are not tricks Mrs. Human, that is training. I have to maintain my weight. There is nothing more ridiculous than a feline that cannot enter through the cat flap beause it gets stuck on the way. And chasing balls is not a trick, that is gymastics. That keeps me fit. Speaking of exercise Mrs. Human, you could empty my litter tray and perhaps pay attention to the corners. I noticed that there is always an unpleasant remainder you overlook.”

“Tabby what are you doing with my camera?”

“No problem Mrs. Human, I can balance it on the table and just press the button with my paw. Look, now I have the perfect photo. A circus human cleaning my recycling tray.”

“What are you manipulating on your pawpad Tabby.”

“I am uploading the photo to Pawbook to show my own circus human and how well she is trained.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Circus

8 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Circus

    • Just ask Tabby, she has it all sorted. She was just having a sleep outside and Mr. Swiss discovered Roschti, the feline next door, was eating her vitamin pellets from her dish in the kitchen, but Tabby let her get on with it. She has everyone trained.

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  1. I read the bit about getting stuck in the cat flap to Minx, as a cautionary tale. She’s a bit upset because I’ve cut down on her food intake, to prevent just that occurrence. She glared at me.

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    • Something like Tabby’s litter sister Nera who left us for the etnernal corn chambers almost 2 years ago. She did have to squeeze through eventually, although she always insisted it was fluff and not fat.

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