Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Purpose


“Tabby, what do you want?”

“I am still thinking about it. What are you doing Mrs. Human.”

“I am taking a photo of you in your inquiring pose.”

“And what will be the purpose of the photo?”

“I might use it in a blog about you.”

“No chance, there are copyright laws to be examined.”

“But it is my copyright, I took the photo.”

“But it is a photo of me and photos of me are only allowed to be shown with my permission. Of course we can talk about it and perhaps make a deal.”

“A deal?”

“For every photo that you show on your blog of me, I want a perentage of the profits.”

Tabby“There are no profits Tabby. I write this blog about you telling everyone what a wondereful and brave feline you are and how you defend your territory against all the other invading felines. About how you eat bravely every vitamin pellet in your food bowl and …”

“Ok, you don’t have to exaggerate Mrs. Human. When the other felines read this they might get the impression that the power is slipping out of my paws and that I am doing what my human tells me to, and not the other way around. The great feline writer Jules Paws-Whisker Verne said that felines are spirits come to earth. A feline, can walk on a cloud without coming through.”


“Flattery will get you nowhere Mrs. Human. I am here to stay and my cloud remains. Just make sure you do not rain on it by showing photos without my premission.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Purpose

10 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Purpose

  1. Dear Tabby — I wonder what is the purpose of your being constantly fractious and demanding with your human. I’ve thought about this very often, and I understand how felines are the masters of the universe, but your human seems to love you. I know you will say “worships me, you mean, Dusty T. Dog” but I don’t mean worship. I think she loves you. Maybe that word doesn’t exist in meow, but it certainly exists in “Woof”. Yours always and forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Of course love exists in meow, but has a slightly different meaning. I love myself , and I love tuna fish and I love the way Mrs. Human empties my recycling tray and gives me a tummy tickle and opens the tins of tuna fish. We felines are not ungrateful, our likes are just on a different scale. Everything has its purpose in life, doesn’t it Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human I am talking to you. She has walked off, I think she misunderstood me and I was only telling her what I like.
      See you tomorrow Dusty and don’t get barking up the wrong tree. There might be a feline sitting on the top branch.

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