Daily Feline Prompt: Kittenhood

Tabby and Nera  kittens

“No, not that photo again Mrs. Human.”

“But I wanted a photo when you were a sweet little kitten and I have so few of them.”

“But it is do degrading to be shown sitting in a sink with my litter sister Nera. I am sure if she were still here she would also object. She is objecting and stamping her paw in the etnernal corn chambers.”

“I remember when I took the photo.”

“So do I, it was one of the attempts to escape to a quiet place where we could be left alone and not be pursued with a human with a camera.”

“And I was sure you would enjoy looking through the old photos of when you were a kitten and still learning.”

“I learnt all I had to learn from my mum. One day she said “time to move on, there is another litter on the way” and she told us to go, with a few wise words.”

“What were the wise words.”

“Your kittenhood is now finished. You are on our own. Move in in the new place, take over and ensure that your human learns her rightful place in your new home. She is your slave, and teach her the ways of the feline. At the beginning apply some loud meows and perhaps a scratch now and again. It might be that she serves vitamin pellets to eat. Do not forget to complain and insist of something more appetising, such as tuna fish. There is a reason why humans have opposable thumbs.”

“Yes mum” I answered and with that she gave us a push with her back leg and Nera and I went on our way. Unfortuntely Nera left me for the etneral corn chambers some time ago. Her last words in her ninth life, were “keep up the good work and do not forget our mother’s words about the vitamin pellets” and to this day I have not forgot them. It is part of our life’s philosophy “do not rejoice in vitamin pellets, there is better in the feline world”, so what’s for lunch Mrs. Human?”

“There is still half a bowl of vitamin pellets.”

“I know, our mum always said do not eat everything but leave a polite rest. Fill up an empty bowl with something more appetitising and I might think about the remaining vitamin pellets if I still have room for them. By the way that is an order, not a request. Mum said never waste meows, orders are more effective than requests.”

“You mother really brought you up well.”

“She had practice, I think we were her third litter.She was a lady of pleasure.”

“I noticed.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Kittenhood

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Kittenhood

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m afraid my mom was a lady of pleasure, too. When I was a puppy, I was shoved out of a car and beaten. Things didn’t start to improve until I was almost six months old and my human brought me home. So, I can’t share any cute pictures of myself, well, there’s one, but it’s terribly embarrassing. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Be glad you have no cute pictures, they are an embarassement. there are some humans that should not have puppies or kittens. someone should have shoved them out of a car and beaten them, I am sure they would have rethought the situation. One advantage is that we can talk about these things on our computers. Imagine a chldhood without a computer, it would be like life without tuna fish or bones to bury.
      Have fund – tabby.

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