Daily Feline Prompt: A Smooth Feline


To lead a smooth life
You have to be brave
The main thing to organise
Is your human slave

They have funny ideas
about feline food
Mrs. Human serves pellets
when I am not in the mood

She says they are healthy
They are good for you
I tell her to eat them
If she thinks they will do

She said “oh no,
they are only for felines”
I tell her “forget it”
she must read the signs

Felines are special
We have exclusive taste
Pellets are rubbish
a feline toothpaste

She has now learnt the lesson
To comply with my wish
I produced a hairball
And now she serves fish

Remember my felines
wherever you may be
insist on your tuna
for your happiness key

Humans are simple
They are really very odd
I understand their problem
They were never a god

Daily Feline Prompt: A Smooth Feline

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