Daily Feline Prompt: The embarrassed feline


“Mrs. Human, remove that photo.”

“What about a “Please” in front of the word “remove”. What is wrong with the photo, it is one of your relaxed poses on the human sun bed outside, that I actually wanted to relax on.”

“I don’t care if you wanted to lay on it or not. Humans should be working for the benefit of my well-being and not taking photos with such embarrassing objects as your plastic garden clogs beneath my chair. And “please” does not exist in meow, another primitive human example of a superfluous word.”

“Well it would fit the theme for today if you are embarrassed.”

“What is embarrassed?”

Tabby having a wash“I could have used this photo, showing everyone how you have a wash.”

“Not without my permission. We felines have our private moments that should be observed at all times. It seems to me that I am under constant observation with everything I do.”

“I am just making sure that you have everything you need: food, water, something to play with and a comfortable place to sleep.”

“Perhaps you pay a little more attention to certain details, like leaving out the hard indigestable vitamin pellets and showing a photo of me with my paw on a tuna fish can, to show the other felines that I am the one who is the boss around here. And I do not play, that is my physical training. ”

Tabby eating tuna fish“You mean something like this.”

“Yes, that is more me, checking to see that no other feline is watching and protecting my food bowl. Can you enlarge that photo to the top of the page.”

“Not possible Tabby, it is too late.”

“I am not sure that I will allow this post. It is almost too embarrassing to be shown.”

“Sorry Tabby, too late.”

“I think we should have a photo session this evening and I will say where and how. The other felines will begin to talk about me. Every day the same thing. As soon as I am awake you are following me with the camera. A feline needs some space and time for herself. You only take photos of the embarrassing moments.”

“But they are the photos everyone wants see.”

“You mean every human wants to see. I would prefer a photo of me with my paw on a mouse or bird to show my strength, or perhaps when I am giving you a playful scratch.”

“Forget it Tabby, your scratches are never playful.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Embarrassed Feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The embarrassed feline

  1. Our Siamese cat (Mao) used to pose on the fireplace mantel. One day, he fell asleep while posing and fell off. We collapsed laughing. THAT was an embarrassed cat … and an angry one. Speaking of scratching, he let us know exactly how he felt about our laughter. OUCH!


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