Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Transformation


We felines invented transformation. We transform when we sleep. We are not really sleeping, but transfer into our dimenson, the whisker dimension. It is there that we take walks along our secret paths, learning how to train humans.

Bastet givens classes every evening. It is very important to learn the ways of the human brain. If they see kittens they can get very sentimental thinking “how sweet” and will spoil the kittens. It is the duty of every feline to ensure that this human function remains throughout our lives, still regarding the senior felines, as myself, that we also have our sweet side. Now and again we might lick their hands. They do not taste very nice, but it has a psychological value as they are convinced that we wish to form a connection with them. We have no intentions of connecting with anything as subordinate as a human, it is all deception.

And now I must go. This evening is the lesson “how to ensure that your human opens the bedroom door in the early morning hours when it actually would prefer to sleep further”. I am working on this at the moment. It seems I should raise my meows to a high tone level and accompany them with a regular scratching on the door. If there is not reaction from the human, then persevere, they will react eventually and appear. Do not purr or show satsifaction, just go quicky to the food bowl. The human may think that you wish to go out, but keep her waiting. Eat your food slowly and when she decides to give up and go to bed, move to the window. She will raise the blinds and give you a free path to go outside. She is sure that she has done the right thing. Now you must be very fast, and get to the bedroom first and secure a place on her bed before she returns.. Then you sleep. Another victory for the feline superior.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Transformation

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Transformation

  1. I have been schooled by many cats over many lives. I honor Bastet. We used to take our last cat, Big Guy, with us to the pet store grocery so he could pick his own cans of fish and meat. And he did. He was not passionate about tuna, but he was very fond of other fish and some meats.

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    • I often have the feeling that I am being trained. Tabby refuses to come to the supermarket. Probably because at the beginning it is the same route as the vet. Switzerland is not really a fish country, so Tabby is restricted in her choice.


  2. My little Parker will be assisting Bastet in tonight’s class on how to ensure that your human opens the bedroom door in the early morning hours. She has taken to meowing and scratching (and scratching and scratching!) at the bedroom door at 2:30 am. I was insistent on letting her tire herself out, but, no. Husband insists on getting up, lest she scratch through the door. Parker has no interest in him. Husband falls asleep in his recliner. Parker happily plays and is ‘transformed’ into a happy little girl. Parker is impressed with Tabby’s skills before she has even attended class.

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    • Tabby says that Parker is one of the star pupils, next to Tabby of course and always pays attention to everything. It also seems she it diligently doing her homework very well and will be awarded 5 claws as a prize.

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