Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mountains

Whisky in the kitchen

“Is that the first Swiss mountain feline Mrs. Human.”

“No, Tabby, that is Whisky, my first feline in England.”

“You mean I was not the first.”

“Tabby you were not even born when Whisky took over. He is probably living his 40th life in the eternal corn chambers now, that was many years ago. ”

“Was that his pole position on the chair? A good idea.”

“That was his favourite place. He would often sit on the chair, lean on the back of the chair and sleep.”

“Did he also get hard vitamin pellets to eat?”

“Tabby, is that the only interest you have in Whisky?”

“Of course, his diet is very important.”

“The vitamin pellets were not yet developed and his food came from a tin.”

“You mean he lived on tuna fish, great, wonderful, what a lucky feline.”

“Tabby not so enthusiastic. Felines were fed on cat meat from a tin, it was special for felines.”

“You mean they were fed beef, chicken and sheep, he was a lucky feline.”

“Tabby I am not sure what sort of meat it was, but people did not have so much money for feline food in those days. I remember my human mother would sometimes buy offal and cook it for Whisky.”

“What’s offal?”

“I am not sure, just the parts of an animal that humans do not eat.”

“You fed your feline on inferior meat?”

“Stay cool Tabby, not all felines are as spoilt as you are with tins of tuna fish and vitamin pellets.”

“Ah yes, but i was a god of course and deserve being spoilt.”

“Tabby was also a god in our eyes. she lived many years and was quite happy and thankful for everything we did for her. Her mountains were indoors on the chairs or the beds and not outside. She was an indoor feline. It would have been too dangerous outside with the traffic on the roads.”

“That must have been in the last century.”

“It was Tabby. Tabby what are you doing on that chair, you are scratching it with your claws.”

“I was trying the Whisky pose. She must have scratched the chair as well.”

“She did, but it was an old chair. These chairs are new. Go outside and have a scratch on a tree. That was something Whisky could not do, so make the most of it.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mountains

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mountains

  1. Dear Tabby — Sometimes my human tells us about the “Old Ones.” The one she doesn’t talk about often is the one known as “Molly.” I think Molly was a very special canine in our human’s life. I’m thankful for the Old Ones because they were the ones who taught our human to care for us. Sorry for my silence — my human took me on another trip with her and I was very worried the whole time that she was going to leave me behind again, but she didn’t. I saw my friends — Shoe, Coda and Satchmo — and an old friend, Reina, who used to live with us, and her friend, Bailey. One evening we had a huge dog party, and Reina growled at me. I was about to teach her a lesson about how I’m the big, older male dog, but my human put me in a room by myself. She said it was because there were just too many dogs and she had a point, but still. Sometimes I don’t think our humans understand.
    Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty.
      I think that sometimes humans do not understand humans. One of the advantages of being a feline (and perhaps a canine) we establish our values amongst the others. We felines generally avoid anything else, even other felines, although my litter sister Nera was mainly tuned into my wavelength when we were telepathising. I think Mrs. Human had this Whisky feline when she was also still a kitten. If things get in my way, I usually retire to my own space and wait for the intruders to disappear. Beds are very useful for this purpose, you can hide beneath them,
      Have fun and a nice barking day. Tabby

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