Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity


“Mrs. Human, let me in.”

“I’m coming Tabby, just a little patience.”

“Patience does not exist in meow, we interpret it by “at once”. What do you think you are doing? Your slave leader is sitting outside in front of the window, I am tired and want my favourite sleeping place and you are taking photos of me. I order you to open the window.”

“Yes immeditely Tabby, sorry for the delay, but the first two photos were not so clear and not fit for today’s blog. I think I have now captured the real “you”. Look Tabby, isn’t that a wonderful photo.”

“Yes great, I can use it as proof.”


“Yes when I report you to the Society for breaching feline copyright laws when taking photos of felines in deperate situations.”

“But Tabby, you were not desperate, perhaps just a little impatient.”

“I was very much impatient, hisss, And I was desperate. I was missing my favourite TV programme. There is an international football match.”

“Who are you supporting in the match?”

“Supporting? the football of course. I follow it with my eyes and whiskers and it never escapes my vision.”

“I though you might have a favourite team?”

“Just a moment Mrs. Human, I have to look up that word in my Meow-human dictionary and just as I thouht. Another word not admitted to the meow vocabulary. I knew that we felines do not recognise teams, it is I, me and myself. The ball is there for a training purpose to keep us awake, follow with the eyes and ready to pounce if necessary.”

“But my team have just scored a goal, they are winning.”

“Big deal, and now what do I get for compensation?”

“Compensation for what?”

“For my wait in the freezing cold in front of the window.”

“But the sun was shining.”

“Do not change the subject Mrs. Human. One of the first rules here is “obey the feline”, do I make myself clear And now serve me a bowl of salmon to compensate.”

“No tuna Tabby?”

“Now and again I like variety in my diat. You can garnish it with a pinch of tarragon and perhaps a dash of turmeric, but do not foget the catnip on the side.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity

  1. Dear Tabby, I want to come in, too, and my human is ignoring me completely. I have no idea what she’s doing that doesn’t involve me and my little sister. It makes NO sense. I’ve barked, I’ve stared at the window, I’ve looking longingly at the gate and NOTHING has worked. I think I’ll just take a nap. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      Sometimes the human species have problems with our recycling products. It is just the way they are and I suppose we have to humour them. I think the best way is to ignore them and sleep as you said. A good trick might be to give the gate a good push and open it. If you succeed please do not tell your human that it was my advice. They get funny about these things and might ban you from pawing on the computer.
      Don’t forget, if you have any problems, you can always consult me for my wise advice. – Tabby

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