Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Understanding


“Tabby, what are you doing.”

“None of your business, do not disturb, I cannot afford to make mistakes. This is a delicate work, which will place my name in the records of felinekind. I am sure of a place on the Feline Walk, when it is completed.”

“That must be something very important. What is the Feline Walk?”

“You have never heard of the Feline Walk of Fame. It is in Felinewood, on a speial path where the names and whisker prints of the stars of the feline world are embedded to be remembered forever. If I am to complete this great work, I need no interruptions, especially of the human kind.”

“Are you composing something Tabby, or are you writing your memoires.”

“Mrs. Human, you have now broken my thread of concentration. No, I am not composing, I leave that to the great feline musicians such as Ludwig van Kantzenschrei or Johan Straussenpaw, and my memoires can wait until I reach my 10th life.”

“I thought you only have nine lives.”

“It has often been proved that humans do not have thoughts, just strange ideas. I cannot write my memoirs until my ninth life is completed, so I have to wait until I reach my tenth life.”

“But you will no longer be here and I will not be able to read them.”

“My memoires are not for human eyes, only for the felines that reach the higher levels of understanding. And now to continue my great work. How do you spell tuna in human Mrs. Human?”

“You are writing a menu plan?.”

“Definitely not, if you must know I am editing the first version of the Meow-Human dictionary.”

“May I read it.”

“OK, but afterwards you must allow me to continue, otherwise I will forget where I am.”

“But Tabby, this is a little monotonous:

sleep=meow etc. etc.”

“What’s the problem?”

“In human everything is …. meow?”

“It is not what you meow Mrs. Human, it is the way you meow it.”

“But humans will not be able to use this to speak to the felines, everything is meow.”

“Humans do not have to communicate with felines, the felines want to know what the humans are scheming behind our whiskers and this will be the answer to everything.”

“But it is all meow.”

“That is a matter of interpretation.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Understanding

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Understanding

    • Tabby has a limited vocabulary, or perhaps it lacks in human understanding. Meow means Hi and meowoowow means let me into the bedroom , usually at 3-4 in the morning. She seems to be too busy eating to say anything as a description of the food, although she did mention chicken was high on the list.

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