Daily Feline Prompt: The Natural Feline

Tabby waking up

I am the natural tabby
with the MacDonalds “M” on the head
We are special, something better,
We must be properly fed

I don’t mind a hamburger
but please no veg
I prefer it meaty
To give me an edge

Bird is my favourite
But mouse will do
But please no vitamin pellets
They are difficult to chew

I am a natural lady
No flies in my fur
I lick it all regularly
I might even purr

Just give me a place
to sleep all day
I might sleep all night
If nothing calls me away

I just need an hour
And you will not hear a peep
I am busy on a quest
To find somewhere to sleep

Meow, meow, meow
Oh purrful is the time
When a feline can sleep
And plan the next crime

Daily Feline Prompt: The Natural Feline

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Natural Feline

    • Felines seem to sllep their life away. Probably conserving their strength for the hour when they are awake and looking for somewhere to sleep. I don’t have a big problem with sleep. My problem is more of the physical sort, the first morning steps.


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