Daily Feline Prompt: Feline City

Tabby going for a ride

“Let’s go”

“Go where Tabby”

“I want to go places and see things Mrs. Human. My food bowl list had many unfulfilled items.”

“You have a food bowl list?”

“All felines of the 9th life have a food bowl list.

Kill a mouse
Eat a bird
Roll in catnip
Be chased by a canine
Fight with another feline
Have kittens
Have a few paw scars
Produce at least 10 hairballs
Mark the neighbour’s territory
Climb a tree and be rescued by a human
Be awarded the Purple Paw”

“That a lot of items on your food bowl list Tabby.”

“And now I will go and climb the tree along the path.”

“Which one, there are many.”

“I thought that fir tree would be a good start. You can go and prepared the ladder now.”

“What ladder?”

“The ladder you will need to rescue me because I will not be able to descend afterwards but give me time. I want to enjoy the view from the top and will take my pawpad with me to take a photo.”

“Forget it Tabby, I do not climb trees with or without ladders, I would have to get the fire department to rescue you.”

“Even better, you could take a photo with your big camera and post it on Pawbook. All the others felines would be jealous. Otherwise I think I have completed all items on my food bowl list, except for the last.”

“Yes, how do you get the purple paw Tabby.”

“It involves whisker demons, and dangerous missions which may/will cost my 9th life. Usually it is only felines with the 10th life that have The Purple Paw. That is why we do not talk about it. And now you can push me to the bottom of the garden in my new transport system.”

“Actually I organised it to take some stuff to the cellar.”

“Forget it, it is now mine. You have two arms and can carry your stuff to the cellar.”

And so a normal day goes by in the house owned by Tabby and his human slave.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline City

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline City

  1. I saw a cat in a tree yesterday and if I was not sure that Tabby is a day or two older than that cat it could have been her! The cat decided to come down all by herself when I told her she could … Well, I had to tell her more than once, but that is just my poor communication skills. Ok, it might have been the bird in the neighboured treetop … a jay.

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