Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Perfection


“Tabby what are you doing, drinking that dirty water out of a leaf. You hae a perfectly good drinking bowl with fresh water in your food corner.”

“Mrs. Human, again it seems that humans have a certain imperfection in the understanding of the perfect feline ideas. I am drinking fresh rain water which has collected in this wonderful large leaf. This water is excellent, perfect, with absolutely no impurities, it is fresh and only an hour old. What could be better. It is clear that you find with your strange human ideas, that you are convinced I will have a digestive problem by drinking this water, even perhaps I could be poisoned. Are you so sure that the water you receive through this tap object is better than the water that falls from the sky. No, of course not.”

“Tabby, can I perhaps say something.”

“Of course, go ahead, but I will probably disagree. Humans are not always as perfect as they think they are. As the great Oscar Wildecat said “It is through water, and through water only, that we can realise our perfection”.”

“Are you sure it was Oscar Wildecat, I though it was a human with other words.”

“Stop contradicting me, you wanted to say something, I believe human wisdom on the quality of water?”

“Yes, exactly before I was interrupted by your words on the perfection of water. The water that falls from the sky is collected by humans, processed and purified to enable that what we receive from the tap is fit for human consumption.”

“That is exactly my point Mrs. Human. It might be fit for human consumption, but feline consumption is on a much higher level. Our water should not be processed, but as it falls from the sky.”

“Ok, but we humans cannot lap it up from a leaf as felines can.”

“Another point I wanted to make. Of course you cannot, because the blueprint for your physical shape had mistakes from the beginning. They might have constructed the opposable thumbs, but the perfect tongue was forgotten. On the other paw, I do not really want to share my leaf water with a human, but I prefer to keep it exclusive. Mrs Human you can drink your water from a tap, and I will drink mine from a leaf.”

“And what do you do, if it does not rain and there is no water in the leaf?”

“Then I will drink it from my bowl of course, water is not always perfect, but that enables us to recognise how good the water is when it is collect in a leaf. Just a natural perfect act of Bastet.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Perfection

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Perfection

  1. Dear Tabby, My little sister likes to eat snow. When she can’t have snow, she will chew on an ice cubes. She says snow is the perfect drink, but an ice cube is OK in a pinch. I think she regards summer as a “pinch.” I am happy to get a bowl of water from the bowl my human fills, but sometimes there is a puddle and that is the best of all. Yours in aqueous solidarity forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I am not so much into snow, it is cold on the paws, I prefer to watch from my safe place behind the window. I must say you have a good taste Dusty. water in a puddle is ideal, carries all the aromas of the life surrounding us. My human throws it away because she says it is dirty. Strange animals humans, they have no water appreiation like us felines – and canined. Your mega little sister has strange tastes. Her family probably originate from those canines that pull sledges in the snow and sleep where they fall in the snow. Perhaps she should join the canine snow anonymous group to get used to the normal weather conditions.
      Have a bow-wow evening – Tabby

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    • Yes Marilyn, and do you want me to help you back to the horizontal position afterwards, or will you help me first. One way or the other, I do not think we could manage that one – unless the leaf was on eye level of course, but hostas tend to sort of hug the ground.


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