Daily Feline Prompt: An Aimless Feline?


“Going somewhere Tabby?”

“Not really Mrs. Human, I am bored, no aim in my feline life, I have seen it all and done it all, just having an aimless look in the garden.”

“That sounds very depressing Tabby, cheer up and be happy.”

“Happy does not exist in meow, and hence cheering up is also not possible.”

“But here must be something I can do to improve your state of aimlessness.”

“Nothing Mrs. Human, it has no point. Of course a bowl of tuna fish, or even salmon garnished with a sprig of tarrogon might help. Perhaps a plantation of catnip in the garden would help to raise my spirits. I could lay on it, absorb its psychedelic influence in my whiskers, and there would again be a purpose in my feline 9 lives.”

“Perhaps that is the problem Tabby, we humans only have one life to fulfil and felines have nine.”

“One of the reasons for our superiority over the human race. We can do everything in nine different flavours. What do you think you  are doing with that bag of hard, tasteless viatamin pellets Mrs. Human?”

“I am filling your food bowl to ensure that you have enough to eat.”

“Mrs. Human have you not been listening. I need something to raise my spirits, to disperse my negative feelines, I might become depressive, with negative thoughts, and all you think of is filling my bowl with vitamin pellets. I think I would rather explore the unknown in this garden to disperse my nine suicidal thoughts. As the great feline writer O’Henry Paws said “The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate” which would be the solution to my feline problems at the moment. I will now depart to the unknown heedless of the dangers of the undergrowth in the garden.”

“Ok Tabby, be back in an hour I will be preparing your bowl of tuna fish for tea.”

“You could have told me before, it would have relieved my aimless desperate thoughts.”

“I wanted to surprise you .”

“Surprises do not exist in meow, I think I will stay and avoid my aimless walk into the unknown, life now has a meaning for me.”

“In a bowl of tuna fish.”

“Yes, but donot forget to garnish it with tarragon.”

“Not with cat mint.”

“Mrs. Human, the feline eats with the eye.”

Daily Feline Prompt: An aimless feline?

3 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: An Aimless Feline?

  1. Dear Tabby, I’m glad I’m not a feline. Your nine lives seem to be a burden. We canines just have one and my human says they aren’t long enough. Today our purpose was getting insecticide poured on our shoulders, anyway my little sister and I received this treatment. This meant we had to stay outside until it dried. Our human explained that it keeps the ticks away and that’s important because here the ticks carry “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.” I don’t get it. If they’ve spotted it, why is it still around? OH well. Enjoy your tuna! Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog.

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    • Meow Dusty
      I know, humans seem to have a thing about tics, although I have never had a tic. My litter sister, Nera (may she enjoy her 10th life) always had tics, I think they were part of her fur programme. She seemed to just live with them. Mrs. Human was not happy because sometimes they would fall onto the nice clean white stone floor and Mrs. Human would tread on one and she said it resembled a blood bath afterwards, whatever that is. I do not think tics like me. I know my apprentice Fluffy (may she enjoy her 10th life) now and again had a tic. Mr. Human found one once. Anyhow we get something put on our neck in the fur and it travels all over the body on its own and the tics disappear afterwards, or die, or something like that. There is an advantage to 9 lives, you can always look forward to the next one that arrives and we felines have our own system of counting.
      May you be tic free for the summer – Tabby

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