Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Summer


“No action today Tabby?”

“My brain is always in action, but it is too hot to move. This summer thing is arriving again and I am practicing on how to reduce my movements.”

“It is not that bad Tabby, summer is a good time of the year. Nice warm weather, soaking up the sun and sitting outside in the fresh air.”

“I beg to differ Mrs. Human. Do you see a zip on my fur coat? No, because it is a permanent attachment. If you feel warm, you wear something cooler, like shorts or one of those strappy t-shirt things. And what do I wear, my fur coat of course, no alternative. Imagine living the complete summer with a fur coat.?”

“But that is nature Tabby, and I am sure that your body adapts to the fur coat in summer and winter.”

“No, Mrs. Human, I have to adapt. I spend my spare time searching for shady places, which do not remain shady.”

“You can lay beneath the apple tree.”

“Until the sun decides to move and then the apple tree is no longer a shady place. So I have to move and find another shady place. It is exhausting. I have had to change my sleep programme. Instead of sleeping 23 hours and searching for somewhere to sleep for an hour, I now only sleep 22 hours as I need the extra 2 hours to discover a shady place.”

“I thought you slept outside during the summer.”

“I do not have a big choice do I? Even humans complain that it is too warm inside. At least we felines use our intelligence and stay outside. I will be glad when the days grow cooler again. Perhaps you could organise a paw friendly  AC for my room during the summer, then I could stay inside.”

“Anything else Tabby, perhaps your own ice box to cool your paws and for iced water to drink?”

“Yes, that woul be a good idea for a feline friendly summer – and don’t forget to search in Internet if you find a mail order company for a feline furcoat with a zip.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Summer

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Summer

  1. Hi Tabby, Dusty T. Dog said I had to write you today because we have the same problem. It’s too hot for me, too. I’m a winter breed of dog and now it’s really hot here. My human saw a photo of a dog on a pile of ice that dog’s human bought at the store. I think she might get me a pile of ice of my own, too. I hope so. We went for a walk early this morning and it was nice, but, of course, my stupid brother had to bark like he’d lost his mind because some people were walking THEIR dog. It’s so rude! I’d like to meet other dogs, but Dusty T. Dog makes it impossible. I like everyone and everything, so if we met someday, I bet I’d like you, too. Well, try to stay cool, Tabby T. Cat. Godnose I’m doing my best. Your pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

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  2. Meow Bear – just a small correction to my name, I prefer to be known as Tabby T. Feline, Cat is so common and do not forget we are actually gods.
    As far as the weather conditions are concerned, it is like water. Not too hot and not too cold, slightly termperated and no snow. sorry to disagree, but snow is not so favourable to the dainty feline paws. Our paws are a supplement to our whiskers and fur which are not ideal in a damp cold climate. I must agree there are certain species of the feline, as well as the canine, that thrive in such conditions, but a tabby feline with the genuine Macdonald “M” on the forehead prefers to preserve their beauty in a temperate climate. Rain falling down is OK, providing that shelter is near.
    Nice to meet you Polar Bear Yeti T. dog and give my best meows to Dusty T. Dog.


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