Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Water

Tabby hiding in the bath

Water is not just water, H2O or whatever the humans use as their description. It is Feline2Special, to be regarded as something apart, unique. In the olden days, back in the old country, we felines would know where the best water would be. Many felines peferred the North bank of the Nile, but felines with the special nose would trace it to the so called Blue Nile and its source in Lake Tana. Ok, I am not an expert, read it all in Felipedia on my paw book, but the true taste of water depends on the origins.

Mrs. Human is unfortunately not an expert, she thinks that filling my indoor and outdoor bowl with the same water daily, is sufficient and even adapts her loud voice when she finds me drinking from an unknown source, such as a water can, where the remains of the rain collects. This is, naturally, the best water for the taste buds of a professional feline water drinker, full of the original flavours of the surroundings. My perfect taste is known throughout the feline world and I am recognised as a conoisseur.

Humans, you can compare it to a wine. You can get good wine and bad wine. We felines only appreciate the good water. The longer it ferments, the better the taste. Fresh water from a tap, with all the strange chemical contents, is to be compared with cooking wine. It serves its pupose for the thirst, but human, who drinks wine because they are thirsty? No, they drink it to savour its bouquet, its aroma, and for that we have a perfectly developed tongue. No human would swallow a glass of wine, no, they let the liquid diffuse in the mouth, absorb its quality and eventually it will be slowly swallowed, its aroma being absorbed by the organs of the body. So it is with water and the feline. We do not just swallow the water, we use our tongue to lap it up slowly, allowing each drop to slide into our taste buds.

I must now retire to my pawpad to complete my thesis on the meaning of feline water. In the meanwhile, prost meow as we say in our tongue.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Water

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Water

  1. The family canines are passionate consumers of water. Tabby, you are indeed a connoisseur, but Bonnie, Gibbs, and Bishop … they just LOVE to drink! And drink some more. As long as its water, although I must say they are happiest when the fresh, cold, well water hits the floor. I do wish they wouldn’t drool so much, though.

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    • Tabby finds that is the trouble with canines, no table manners. They slurp and make loud noises, sounds like a waterfall.. Felines sip carefully with a slight noise as if a river is running through stones.


  2. Good Morning, Tabby! I know it is night where you are, but it’s still (barely!) morning here. I learned last winter how delicious snow is. My little sister seems to have been born with that knowledge. We’ve even enjoyed a few snow-melt puddles. But we’re pretty happy with whatever our human gives us — Bear and Mindy, however, love to get a drink of water from an ice cube. I think that’s crazy, but… I had a sister a long time ago who was like you and loved rainwater. She would climb — jump! — up on an old tree stump in our yard and turn her mouth u[ to the sky and let the rain fall in her mouth. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      I prefer to have my rain water served in a puddle or bowl, I am not a fan of rain falling onto my fur. Frozen water is also no my style, it interferes with my metabolism. The best water is from the rain that collects and matures, it develops flavours that cannot be described. The canine just drinks, but the felines are connaisseur.
      your feline from across the pond with lots of water – Tabby

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  3. Septimus has just told me how much he appreciated your post, he’s being trying to articulate this to me for years but only now with your post do I realise how much of a connoisseur all felines are


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