Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Burns

Tabby 01.07 (3)

“Tabby what are you doing on the table on the porch?”

“What does it look like Mrs. Human, I am, or was sleeping until you disturbed my aura of peace and comfort with your loud human voice. Do you have a problem?”

“Defintely Tabby, tables are meant for food for humans and it is not very healthy if a feline is laying on the table before dinner.”

“Stay cool Mrs. Human and that is exactly what I am doing. It is one of those hot days today and the sun has warmed up the concrete making it too hot for my delicate body. The table is cooler and much more comfortable. You can¬†eat inside in the kitchen if I am in your way.”

“We prefer to eat outside in summer Tabby, if it does not bother you of course.”

“No rush, the sun is now slowly going down and the ground will soon be cool enough for my body. On the other hand I noticed Mr. Human is searching for me, so I will have to retire to a place where he cannot find me. I saw he has that small capsure containig the anti-tic liquid which he wants to put on the back of my neck. As if I have tics. I am a clean Tabby. If I have a tic they just take what they want and drop off afterwards, so what’s the problem.”

“The problem is that I might tread on one and that is not so good, wiping away the mess afterwards. The medicine is for your own good Tabby and it really does not hurt. Just a few drops on the fur at the back of your neck, you cannot even reach that part of your fur with your tongue.”

“That is the problem Mrs. Human, I cannot ¬†remove it. I have decided to ignore Mr. Human and refuse to let him give me a fur tickle as a punishement. Meowwwww – what was that?”

“That was human cunning Tabby. As I engaged you in conversation Mr. Human sneaked up on you and emptied the medicine on your neck. Now you will be tic-free for the summer, isn’t that great?”

“Hisss, no that is not great, I will report you to the Society for prevention of applying anti-tic potions on the back of the feline neck.”

“But every human owned by a feline is now protecting their felines from tic attacks.”

“Tics do not attack, they live in sybiosis with felines since the olden days in Egypt. Even Bastet had tics, it is part of our life.”

“But not part of mine Tabby. And now you can leave the table, your delicate paws will no longer be burnt by the groud, the sun has gone down and you can descend and I want to serve tea.”

“Meow, meow, hiss, but I will be back Mrs. Human and I am not meowing with Mr. Human, he will be ignored.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Burns