Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline island

Tabby 01.07 (4)

My bowl contains water
It is filled to the brim
I only want to drink it
I do not want to swim

Water is good
When it comes from below
If it falls from above
It is a tale of woe

Imagine living on an island
surrounded by H2O
There would be no rescue
Nowhere to go

Of course water is not just water
it has its very own taste
to be sampled by the tongue
that its origin can be placed

It might be from fields
where the mouse once walked
you can feel the essence of rodent
almost hear a squawk

Perhaps it was a bath
to accomodate a bird
The flavour of the water
can only be purred

I do not need an island
water surrounding the land
I prefer my water to drink
and not mixed up with sand

Water is my wine
With flavours matured in the wild
I prefer it not stirred or shaken
just plain, but not too mild

My home is my island
complete with human slave
What more can I wish for
Just tuna fish that I crave

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Island