Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline in the wrong place at the wrong time


Meow, as far as I am concerned I am doing the right thing for a feline lady. I am relaxing. It was a hot tiring day. I had to change my sleeping position at least 5 times until I found it comfortable. At first I was in the grass and the sun arrived. As a furcoated feline I do not enjoy laying in the sun so I moved to the shade of a tree.

If the sun would stay were it is, it would be fine, but no, it moved and the protective shadow of the tree also moved, meaning that I had to move Рagain. I was now really feeling tired, after only having 2 human hours sleep which is equivalent to five minutes feline rest. I decided to take a walk to find a cooler spot. I eventually entered my appartment as a last resort and made myself comfortable on my favourite chair. Mrs. Human then entered the same room so I was forced to leave the chair and join her on the thing she calls bed.  After a while she left this bed thing, so I left as well, as it was only worth relaxing when she gave me a tummy tickle.

My next port of call was a chair outside on the porch which was OK until this sun thing decided to move again and shine where I was sleeping. My complete day was one big mix-up of finding sleeping places. Now I am on the porch, the sun is setting and the stone tiles are at last cooling down to feline body temperature and here I will stay.

No, just a moment, I hear the sound of a tin operner – there is really no peace for the feline, I am forced to move. No, Mrs. Human, do not take my photo, I am not in the mood.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline in the wrong place at the wrong time