Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Depth


“Mrs. Human, this is most inconvenient.”

“Why Tabby, what is the problem?”

“The problem is that I am accustomed to writing my words of feline wisdom in the afternoon and not the evening.”

“Yes, I know, it seems that the prompt arrive a little later today.”

“A little later? Typical human. If a feline would be in charge this would not happen.”

“But Tabby, you cannot tell the time.”

“Tell the time! Another one of those human basics. We felines do not tell the time, we feel the time. I now feel that the time has passed for my daily excursion into the world of literature, my inspiration is waining. My talents are being starved, because a human has no whiskers.”

“Of course humans have whiskers.”

“But only the tom humans. We believe in whiskers for all in the feline world, it is part of our sensory system. Equality for all felines. Who needs time when you have whiskers. And do not forget Bastet was a female feline.”

“Ok Tabby, but we now live in the world of humans, and today we are a little later with pawing your blog. So what do you have to say about depth?”

“Depth? I am not sure that exists in the meow dictionary. Just a moment, of course I have something to say about depth. I am now relaxing on the lawn, trying to relax on the lawn.”

“Is something wrong Tabby?”

“Tell your Mowey that he should not cut the lawn so short.”

“I think the lawn is looking good.”

“It might be looking good, but it does not feel so good. It is too short and sharp for my delicate body. I have to keep changing my position because the short grass is prodding my luxury body.”

“You think I should change the depth of the cutting mechanism?”

“Definitely, so now finish my blog. I have an appointment with a bowl of food and water and afterwards sleep. I feel it in my whiskers.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Depth