Daily Feline Prompt: The slow feline


Time for a sleep and take a rest
No need to hurry , just pawing my best
I might take a walk, but I feel so tired
It is all in the whiskers, they are so highly wired
I could go find a mouse, if it wasn’t so far
The problem is always to know where they are
Life is exhausting I am counting my lives
There are not many left, but I will survive
Look there is a butterfly, now that is a trump
They are very tasty, but to catch it I must jump
I do not feel like jumping, using too much strength
It would wear me out, to go to such a length
Life is exhausing, my brain needs a rest
Sleep is what I need, that would be the best
What do I hear, I now have a plan
There is movement in the air, distinctly hear a can
Time for a move, I now have a wish
My bowl is being filled with some tuna fish
It is time for action, I will now take a seat
Time to move fast, there is food to eat.

Daily Feline Prompt: The Slow Feline