Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clock


I really do not see the problem with all this clock stuff. I am glad there are not so many clocks around now, distubing with their ticks. I remember in my kitten days there was a constant tick, tick, in the background with these human clock things. Today life has quietened down thanks to a few feline clock developments and I can now take one of my sleeps without disturbance, although I usually have one ear open, supported by a few whiskers, just to be on the safe side.

It seems everything is digital today. What the humans do not realise is that we felines were doing digital in the olden days, way back when we were clawing our symbols in hieroglyphics in stone. We did not need time, we just had a feeling to sleep or go hunting. You get a sudden twitch in the whiskers, a tense feeling in the paws and the nose of course. If the wind is blowing all sorts of scents will be delivered as a signal to go into action. Who needs time? Time is an  imaginative sequence of inframediate signals, a transitional psychedelic pattern, being filtered through the whiskers and analysed carefully in the tail. Are you following? No, it does not matter, the thoughts of a feline are difficult for a human to comprehend. We are naturally years ahead in our development. We do not have 9 lives for nothing, they are needed for a full analysis to enable our internal clock to function perfectly.

Do you ever see me looking at a clock or watching the digital signals on my Pawpad or Pawphone. Of course not, they are only there for decoration. The time sense of a feline cannot be explained, “it exists, therefore it is” as the great feline philospher Renée Paws Descats said.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clock

2 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Clock

    • Animals to have an internal clock. Tabby sleeps all morning but at 12.15 she appears in the kitchen to go outside. She is always awake at the same time. Afterwards she has a look to see if there is anything going from our lunch and then retires to our bedroom because she knows there will be a bed occupied for a golden oldie sleep and she does not want to miss out on a few tummy tickles.

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